How To Know If Your Partner Is Keeping Secrets From You

In many relationships today, partners keep secrets from each other not really because they necessarily want to but because they do not want you getting hurt if you find out.

So many people do not believe that their partners can keep things from them but do not be deceived as everyone has the tendency to keep secrets.

Some people can tell when their partners keep secrets from them but if you are amongst those who cannot tell when your partner is keeping secrets from you then this article has been written just for you.

Some secrets have a way of destroying relationships so to avoid being in such a situation, its best you know those signs that reveal when your partner is keeping secrets from you.

Its not all about loving up in your relationship but you also need to be super smart so that you do not miss some warning signs that could destroy your relationship.

He or she will hide his phone from you:

How To Know If Your Partner Is Keeping Secrets From You

At times a person’s best friend is his or her phone so if you notice that your partner keeps his or her phone away from you then that means your partner is keeping secrets from you. If he or she anxiously grabs their phones at the slightest beep then they are probably hiding some things from you.

He or she covers up with stories:

How To Know If Your Partner Is Keeping Secrets From You

if you over hear your partner speaking on the phone or talking to someone about something and you ask about it, he or she will not tell you out rightly what it is about but they would either beat around the bush or just tell stories without telling you the truth.

I am very sure you will be smart enough to know when your partner is telling the truth or not especially if he or she does it all the time.

They will either switch off their phones or tell you they will call back:

This is one thing I have noticed with a lot of guys. If they are with a babe and their girlfriend calls, in order to avoid suspicion, they will tell them they will call them back and maybe switch off their phones. Well, if you notice this more than once then it is possible your partner is keeping secrets from you.

They seem suddenly withdrawn:

If you find out your partner has suddenly gone quiet and keeps more to him or herself then your partner is keeping secrets from you.

In times like this, even if you try getting information out of them, they do not open up but tell you not to bother about it.

You start feeling insecure:

What can make one feel insecure in a relationship? One of such is secrets and if at any point you begin to feel this way in your relationship then something is absolutely wrong.

They tend to over explain:

If your partner is keeping secrets from you, he or she will try to explain some things to you especially if you are asking lots of questions on something.

You will notice that when they are talking, they tend to over explain because they try to make you see reasons why you should believe them. If this happens, know things are held from you.

They tend to show too much affection:

Sometimes if your partner wants to hide something from you and does not want you to have any clue at all or find out, he or she will become so affectionate towards you.

This affection normally occurs unexpectedly so if this happens to you, take a step back and wonder why this is so.

The signs in this article should as a guide so you know when your partner is keeping secrets from you in your relationship. It can be painful finding out about all these but it saves you the stress of finding out much later in the relationship.

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