7 Types of Feelings that Arise when you Fall in Love

When you fall in love, you experience all kinds of feelings which cannot sometimes be explained and I do not think there is any one definition that can explain what it really is.

I can beat my chest to say that when you fall in love, it is the best kind of feeling you can ever have in life. It makes you do what you ordinarily would not do and also brings out your soft spot.

I believe everyone has a love side that can only be revealed when one is truly in love.

How do you feel when you fall in love? It’s hard to describe, right?

It would amaze you to know that these feelings could be positive as well as negative since there is always a good and bad side to everything in life.

Here are some of those feelings you get when you fall in love:

The butterfly feeling:

At times, when you fall in love it feels like there’s something moving in your stomach you can’t lay your hands on.

This feeling comes up more when you are with the person you are in love with. Just by mere seeing him or her, you feel this tightness in your stomach.

Uncontrolled joy:

7 Types of Feelings that Arise when you Fall in Love

This is one sure feeling you’ll get when you fall in love. There is always an inner joy that radiates on the outside.

When this happens, you find yourself smiling uncontrollably and just thinking about that person is enough to make you smile the whole day long.

Feelings like you are high:

When you fall in love, it can make you feel like you are on drugs that intoxicate the body.

At times, your actions get the better of you in the sense that you may not have control over your emotions which makes you act in certain ways. When people say that love is blind, it is not farfetched as this explains why some people act irrationally when they are in love with someone.

The magnetic feeling:

When you fall in love it feels like you are completely drawn to that person just like a magnet.

Your thoughts, emotions, body language and way of reasoning all seem to be in tune with the other person.

This is why even though two people who are in love are far away from each other; it could feel like they are still quite close to one another.

The anxiety feeling:

7 Types of Feelings that Arise when you Fall in Love

Anyone who falls in love becomes anxious at one point or the other. Imagine having a date with the other person. Do you know the height of emotions you would feel before that day or time comes?

You would play the scenario over and over in your head because you want that date to go well.

Your heart will beat faster than normal, you might have cold feet and sweaty palms and you might be feeling shy. All these boil than to the anxiety feeling that comes from falling in love.

The anticipation feeling:

Being in love makes one expectant which makes you have high hopes about the two of you.

If the feeling is mutual, you would expect that with time, he would ask you out on a date or ask you to be his girlfriend. And for the guys, you would expect that she reciprocates the feeling and gives you signs so you know she has also fallen for you.

Feelings of confusion:

7 Types of Feelings that Arise when you Fall in Love

Sometimes when people fall in love, they have mixed feelings; they are elated and confused at the same time.

For those who have had series of heartbreaks, they may wonder if they are doing the right thing by falling in love. They might be scared that what happened to them in previous relationships may happen to them again.

If you have ever being in love before, I am so sure you must have experienced some of these feelings.

What other feelings have you had? We would like to know what they are.

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