What You Need To Do When Your Friends Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

What You Need To Do When Your Friends Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

Sometimes your friends may not actually like your new found girlfriend for one reason or the other and they begin to make the feeling very clear to you. What do you do in this kind of scenario when what you consider to be good for you is consider otherwise by your friends?

First thing you need to know is that, you can’t force your friends to like girlfriend, it may take some times before they’ll begin to see what you’ve seen in her before you fall in love with her. And again your friends may have seen what you don’t see maybe because of the love you have for her and as it is being said most time that, love is blind, you might be blindfolded with her love.

What You Need To Do When Your Friends Don’t Like Your GirlfriendIt is very important you don’t misjudge your friends when they show signs of dislike for your girlfriend and as you know, it is not always good to forgo your friends because of your newly found woman. Woman can go if the relationship you’re trying to build is not working out the way she’s expecting it or both of you are expecting it.

And when she left you, you’re going to remain with your friend but if you’ve allowed the feeling of being in love with her make you neglect or forgo your friends, who will you turn to when the love is no more there?

Your friends too may not be right in their judgement against your girlfriend, they may hold on to a belief that girls from certain place, religion or girls with some kind of personality are not always good girls to fall in love with, just maybe because of their experienced in the past.

The decision of what you need to do is in your power when your friends don’t like your girlfriend and the few pointers below will help you to make the right decision of what you need to do to make your friends accept your new found love or to let her go because of the so many reasons your friends believe the girl can’t be a good fit for your life.

Let your friend understand it’s your choice and they’ll soon see why you made that choice;

It is true that your friends sometimes don’t see the qualities you’ve seen in your girlfriend and it may take them some time to really see what you’ve seen. It is your duty to let them understand why you made her your choice and with time, they will praise you for staying with your decision if all work out well for you.

Don’t force your friends to like your girlfriend;

You will be making a great mistake trying to force your friends to like your girl, it’s like you’re now their boss and instructing them on what do to. Ordinarily nobody likes to be instructed; they’ll rather follow theirs’ instinct and allow things to happen naturally. Just try to create an avenue where they’ll meet your girlfriend and let them warm up to her. And with time, they’ll begin to like her gradually as she proves to be someone with natural ability to relate with other people or someone that, it is only when you come closer to her before you can really see the quality she possesses.

Raise up your game with quality of time spend with your buddy;

The reason why your friend don’t like your girlfriend might be that, since you’ve falling in love with her, you don’t really spend much time with your friends anymore, and you sometimes don’t meet up with appointments. You even find it hard to go out with them to places where you’re always the one encouraging you should be visiting such places.

In situation like this, you should expect your friends to think otherwise about your girlfriend as the one who does discourage your grooving with your buddy. You need to give your friends the quality time again by even raising the game, sponsor going to place where you’ve been talking about before but have not gone there. This will make them ask you why you don’t want to bring your girlfriend along with you as probably everyone is expecting to come with someone. The game will begin to shift and they’ll begin to give credit to your girl for given you such free time and be seeking to meet and interact with her.

You need to hear the honest opinion of your friends about your girlfriend

Sometimes friend see what you don’t see when you’re in love with a woman, and such things may not let them fancy your girl because they know, she’s not going to last with you. It is advisable to call the best of your friends and seek to know why they don’t like your girlfriend. What you’ll be told may be chocking to you and it may awake your inner self to the reality of the kind of girl you called your own.

Your friends may not be right, but it is always good to listen to them, they’ve been with you for sometimes even before the girl surface in your life, and they understand you to some extent, they won’t want to see you getting hurt when they can spot the potential danger and help you avert it.

So, you need to weigh your options after all it is your life and whatever that happens to you, you’re going to bear your crosses. Do your best to see that you don’t forgo your best friends because of any girl, remember that the girls may leave you when they don’t get what they want from you but your best friend will stay with you even when you’re facing the hardest time of your life.

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  2. I have a friend whose girlfriend I hate a lot there’s nothing that he could do to make me like her no I’m not going to get used to her

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