5 Reasons Taking A Relationship Break Is Good For You

Taking a relationship break is akin to going on a holiday. For those in new relationships, the idea of taking a relationship break sounds ludicrous. This way of thinking is not unusual.

taking a relationship break

Let’s face it, new relationships have a way of infusing large doses of adrenaline into us. The result is, we see the world in rosy colors where everything good would always happen to us.

For those who have been in relationships for a long time or for married couples, taking a break from each other makes so much sense.

Many do not recognize that the solution to their problems can be solved by taking a relationship break. Yes, the solution can be that simple.

I remember when an ex and I took a break from each other. Maybe because we did not plan it, the break lasted for almost a year.

The relationship was going no where, excitement was becoming hard to come by and everything just felt flat. Then I stopped seeing or calling her. She did the same.

Before we knew it, we got used to not seeing each other. It was about a year later that things just fell into place and the we clicked again. And this time around, it was like discovering each other for the first time.

It was total bliss while it lasted.

The point is, taking a relationship break can be very beneficial to your state of mind and health too as you would read below.

Taking a relationship break gives you time to think

taking a relationship break

It is a fact of life that we never stop thinking. Except when we are asleep or unconscious. Another fact is that we tend to think of the wrong things daily.

This is because we take so many things for granted. By the time your relationship is just cruising along on autopilot, you’d neglect to pay attention to many important stuff.

The feeling is that everything is okay because there are no visible cracks in the relationship. Actually, it is an illusion.

It could be that the stress of trying to earn a living is just papering over the increasingly large cracks in your relationship.

This is where taking a relationship break would be one of your greatest ally going forward. This break would give you time to think about what you really want in life.

It would also give you time to recognize the cracks present in the relationship and decide if they are worth fixing.

Taking a relationship break would shift your focus

taking a relationship break

In a relationship, there are so many things to deal with. For instance, you have to think of stuff like the perfect outing with your love; where or how to spend the weekend; and so much more.

Let’s just say because of the myriad of things to deal with, your focus is hardly targeted at the right things.

Away from your partner, you get to chance to reassess the most important things in your life. Your throw out the excess baggage and just stick with the important ones.

The break is the time you can use to look at all aspects of your life without your partner distracting you from that task. The end result is you get to know the things you must pay more attention to in your life.

Your mistakes become clearer

taking a relationship break

Regular arguments, quarrels, fights are some of the main reasons for taking a relationship break.

Outside of the relationship, away from your partner, you would a have chance to calm down and be able to recognize your own mistakes.

That is important in the healing process.

The inability to recognize where we went wrong or what we did wrong is why fights broke out in the first place. In the heat of the moment, nobody has time to self-introspection.

Time off from your partner would give you the much needed space to analyze calmly where you went wrong and how you could have fixed or avoided the problems.

The space is good for your psyche

taking a relationship break

After being with a partner for a long time, you might forget what it means to be ‘you.‘ The things that made you tick might become lost in all that clutter that is a relationship.

At this point, your partner would begin to wonder about where the person they fell in love with disappeared to.

So taking that relationship break is like a journey of self re-discovery. A time to bring back those things that made you awesome in the first place.

Like you must have heard many times before, it is best to learn how to be happy on your own before you can make others happy. So taking time away would give you the chance to reconnect with that essential part of your psyche again.

A better perspective on your relationship

taking a relationship break

This might sound tough, but it is true we sometimes have affairs with people because of convenience. Or because of societal expectations and pressure.

Taking a break is a chance to ask yourself some hard questions like if you are really in love with the person.

Another hard question to ask yourself is what you really want in the relationship.

It is all about the perspective you get outside the relationship. It is like saying to get a view of the roof of your house, you have to move out and get to higher ground.

So to get a good perspective on the affair, you need to move out of it.

Then come back when you are satisfied you have all the answers. Or at least, most of the answers you need.

So, these are the reasons taking a break from your partner might be good for you. The reasons for staying apart temporarily might differ and of course the length of time too would differ.

However, the bottom line is still the same in all cases: break up temporarily for the good of the relationship.

Please, tell us what you think about what you just read in the comment section. You experiences, if any, would be most invaluable to others  I assure you.

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