17 Habits To Let Go Of Before The End Of The Year

It was as if I fell asleep on New Year day only to wake up to discover we are in the last quarter of the year. Darn! Where is time rushing to? I am not even sure I’m half way through my list of habits to let go of before the year runs out. Yes, I am one of those that write a long list of resolutions at the beginning of each year.


habits to let go of

So I decided it’s time I dusted my black book and had a look at my list of habits to let go of this year.

For me, the list of habits to let go of this year was the result of painstaking meditation. I believe achieving half of them could make me a better person at the end of the year. Or at least, set me on the right path of becoming a better person.

The list could also work the same way for you too. Actually, I am positive it would work magic in you. And it is not too late to start today especially if you are a strong-willed person.

So here is the list of habits to let go of by 31st December.


habits to let go of

This should be easy. But sometimes we spend a large chunk of our year blaming ourselves for all sorts of things. Learning to love ourselves more should be first on the list of course.

Only a happy person who knows how to love can function optimally.

Let go of the idea everything must be perfect

If you find it difficult to let go of wanting things to be perfect, you get stuck in a rut both mentally and physically. It is a form of compulsive disorder I have to say.

Adopt the idea that in an imperfect world, nothing is perfect including you and stop obsessing about perfection.


habits to let go of

This is hard. I am so working on it. Letting go or putting off projects for another day should be a priority. For instance, just walk across the hall and tell that lady you’ve being dying to talk to, ‘Hi‘. What is the worst that could happen?

Don’t fret about pleasing everybody

This should be easy. I guess by now you have already stepped on some important toes and I guess some delicate hearts too.

That is life. These things must happen to make us grow as individuals.

Stop tagging along

It is time to plan our life the way you’ve always wanted. You are not a kid anymore. Make your own choices and stop doing what people say you should do to make it in life.

Your job is just a job

habits to let go of

And most likely, the job is not even your passion. Make sure your mindset is not colored by the idea that your job is your life.

There are more important things outside the work you do. Your family for instance. Spent more time with them. Your friends too.

As for your real passion, nurture it. Embrace it.

Fear is in the mind

Just let go of the fear of things you know nothing about. For instance, the fear of the future. Do your best for the moment and tomorrow would take care of itself.

So let go of fear and do what you have to do. Take risks my friends.

Walk away from unhealthy relationships

habits to let go of

These are the sort of choices that can ruin your year permanently. Learn to recognize relationships that are bad for you and walk away from them without looking back.

Let go of past mistakes

Letting your past define your future is a terrible thing. Your past is gone. You have learnt from your mistakes. Move on and don’t let a new situation be defined by what happened in the past.

Competing with people

habits to let go of

That is another bad habit to let go of this year. Your greatest critic should be yourself. Quit measuring yourself against others. It’s hard to avoid doing it most times, but just make sure the idea does not dominate your life.

Don’t be on the periphery of things

Make sure to kick that habit of letting important things happen while you just sit and watch. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t be involved.

You are never too young, too old, too ugly or too poor. Get up and move on.

‘De-hoard’ your life

Don’t accumulate too many useless baggages for the rest of the year. Chuck all unnecessary things out. And feel the freedom of being light with fewer things to worry about.

You can do everything well

habits to let go of

Quit thinking you can be good at everything. Your best bet is to be the best in what you are familiar with before moving on to try new things.

Don’t try to force the issue

There are many situations you won’t have control over. Kick the habit of trying to force things to bend to your will. You might end up being a misguided fanatic.

Learn to say no and not yes all the time

This goes back to that urge to please everybody. Hurt some people’s feelings for their own good. Say no to them no matter the pain it would cause you.

Stop blaming others

habits to let go of

Sometimes there are mitigating circumstances that would call for blaming others. But even at that, the buck stops at your feet. Always take responsibility for whatever goes wrong. It is the quality of a good leader.

Start thinking big

Another way of saying thinking small is one of the habits to let go of this year. Think big, it won’t cost you anything. Then act big. Remember, you promised not to fear the future.

So how do you think my list of habits to let go of can work in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts about them. Feel free to say something in the comment section.

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