8 Questions That Would Make You look Boring To Your Date

Here is a common scenario: you have an important date coming up. One of the things that give you the jitters is what to say and what to ask her. And of course you want to avoid questions that would make you look boring to your date.

make you look boring to your date

The amount of time we spent on that is amazing.

I can think of only a few things worse than a girl whipping out her phone in the middle of a date. That action by the girl screams, ‘I am bored. I’ll have more fun hanging out with my phone.

Or she might be the polite type and avoid looking at her phone. But one thing she can’t hide is that yawn threatening to burst out of her. You would see her trying to rein it in because she is the sort that knows all about good behavior.

There are many other ways your date would indicate you are boring and lame. And all your attempts at making her have a nice time are failing woefully.

Knowing how to engage in exciting conversation is one way to keep her interested. And the best way to keep a chat exciting is to know the sort of questions to ask.

But even at that, there are things you should not ask. Avoiding these questions would make her think you are an exciting guy to be with. Or to put it another way, asking those questions would brand you a dull, lame dude. You don’t want that.

So let’s look at some of the questions that would make you look boring to your date. In other words, never ask these questions as they would make you look boring to your date.

Asking about her favorite color is boring

make you look boring to your date

Asking her about her favorite color is the sort of leading questions you hide behind if you don’t know what to say. That question is a dead end. It leads nowhere.

I mean, it is cool watching kids ask themselves a question like that. So if you are not planning to buy a gift that matches her favorite color, don’t ask that question.

Don’t ask what she thinks of you

make you look boring to your date

Why would you want to go and ask something like that? Most likely, you guys are just getting to know each other. Basically, she knows so little about you to give an honest answer.

Asking question like that puts her on the spot. And since you want her relaxed to enjoy the date, that is one pressure to avoid piling on her.

At best, she might stumble through an answer designed to please you. At worst, she’d be wickedly blunt and tell you she doesn’t think much of you.

Either ways, nobody is going to come out smelling of roses from that question.

Don’t ask if she thinks another date is possible

make you look boring to your date

Again, you are putting her on the spot with that question. Unless she is a psychic, there is no way she can give an honest answer.

A question like this would definitely make you look boring to your date.

Avoid that question and concentrate on giving her a good time. Whether or not you get another date from her would depend on the impression you make.

Asking about her last relationship is lame

make you look boring to your date

Asking her what happened in her last relationship is a huge red flag that must be avoided.

Nobody gets comfortable talking about that part of their lives with a person they barely know. This is the sort of question you want to ask when you already have something serious going on with her.

For a first date question, it would only make you look boring to your date.

Asking about her weight would make you look boring to your date

make you look boring to your date

Okay, did you ask that because she looks fat or anorexic? Or is it because you want to know how much you be spending on food for her?

Most girls are not comfortable talking about their physical looks on a date with a near stranger. Unless of course they are vain, in which case, you are in for a hard time as girls like that hardly make good partners.

Don’t ask the number of men she’s been with

Most girls like keeping the past where it belongs. And they’ll love it if you respect that part of their lives.

A question like that is very awkward on all fronts. It is either they think you want to slut-shame them or you want to label them as prudes not worth wasting your time on.

And since they hardly know you at this point, a question like that would elicit a dishonest answer most of the time or a rude, ‘It is none of your business‘ retort.

Don’t ask if you are her kind of guy

make you look boring to your date

Here is the thing; she is already hanging out with you. That must mean something. Why would a question like that even come up?

You don’t want her to think you are insecure and needed to be reassured. That smacks of lack of confidence on your part.

It is a mistake many men make. And I know for a fact smart girls would latch on that and tell you you are a long way off the type of guys they’d rather be with.

So whether you are a nice guy trying to impress her or a bad boy, never ask that question or you run the risk of being dismissed as lame and boring.

A penny for your thoughts?

make you look boring to your date

When you notice a girl is lost in thought, the temptation is always great to ask what she is thinking of. I confess I do it too.

Most times, the answer is always, ‘Nothing.

And that is exactly what we deserve when we ask that question. Nothing.

Women have lots of things going on with them. And most of these have nothing to do with you. They’d even appreciate it if you give them that moment to think things.

But disturbing their thoughts with a silly question like that would only make you look boring to your date. There is something as comfortable silence during a date.

So in conclusion, in order not to look boring to your date, stop asking questions that would come out as if you are putting her on the spot.

Though some of these questions are important, don’t worry about them just yet. The answers would come naturally in the future when she is more comfortable with you.

If you know of other ideas that would make you look less boring to your date, please share it with us in the comment box below. Or you can talk about anything niggling you. We welcome all comments.

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