Best Ways to Keep a Conversation Going With Woman

Best Ways to Keep a Conversation Going With Woman

The biggest enemy and attractive murder for any woman is boredom, not knowing how to converse with woman. In this article, you’re going to learn the best ways to keep a conversation going with lady.

Without the knowledge of keeping conversation in an ongoing basis with woman, you will easily lose the woman to other silver tongue guys out there. Women don’t love guys that can’t sustain conversation with them.

Best Ways to Keep a Conversation Going With WomanYou don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to keep conversation going with woman, provided you’re ready to put in more effort, with consistency into keeping conversation going with lady. You can master the skill with consistent practice and before you know what up, you’re already the guy every woman want to talk with.

Checks out guys that have multiple ways to sustain conversation, ladies are always around them and they never feel any dulling moment with them. Having a multiple methods of keeping conversation will create more curiosity in the mind of many women that come around you.

Here and now are the best ways to keep a conversation going with woman;

Ask honest and non-threatening questions

Most women are wary of tactic or weird language from guys, at first, to get woman interested in what you want to say, you need to be honest with your questions. And again your question shouldn’t be a threatening one, it should be a question that will open her up and give her opportunity to say something better than a yes or no answer.

Ask authentic question without any hidden motive, woman need to trust you and if you ask questions that look suspicious to her, just forget it, you can’t keep that conversation going. She will feel unsafe with you and there is no way to keep talking with someone your gut tells you you’re not safe with.

Be observant and sensitive

Talking to woman and make the conversation keeps going, will require you to be sensitive and observant of the your surroundings, peoples, evens and places. You will never run out of what to say if you’re observant enough of your surroundings.

Just keep it real and don’t let her feel you’re just trying to fool her to agree with your opinion.

Women generally have the way they use to detect someone who is trying to force himself over them, if you’re not sensitive enough as well as observant too, she will notice it in the way you converse with her and she will just be waiting for you to run your mouth finish and that’s the end of the game, it’s over.

Never you look worried before her, just keeps it light

Simplicity if the best way to grab a woman attention when you’re talking with her, take away all form of worries and keep it plain simple with her.

When you don’t worry about thing going on around the world, it gives you more concentrating power and it will also allows you to express yourself without entertaining any fear. Women like being around guys who make them feel safe and secure and you can do this by staying calm, cool and relaxed.

Be active in your listening ability

Don’t’ just be a smooth talker, in every conversation, there should be an equal opportunity for all that are involve in that conversation. When you’re talking with a lady, allow her to fully express her opinion without any interruption from you.

When she’s talking, listen with details to all what she has to say. This will give you an opportunity to really follow up with her talk and with that, you will get her interested in the conversation. So, be active in your listing ability and you’ll see how women will respect and appreciate you.

Always stay present and don’t get lost with other thought

I know as a guy, lots of thought ranges through our mind, the thought of when is the game going to start tonight, who are the invited musical artist for the weekend show, and all form of thought like that. These thought make us lose focus on the person right in our front, or the situation at hand.

At time, we might even be thinking of what will she be thinking about me now in her heart, and will this girl finding my talk interesting. These are real distraction and a turn off for woman once she noticed it. They prevent us from being truly focused on the conversation beforehand.

If you are present, the way you will be responding and or giving feedback will encourage her to continue the conversation with you even if you’re almost run out of what to say next. See huh! To women, being present is everything.

Conversation is just one of the necessary skills to keep women interested in your offer. If you don’t know how to do it well, you will ruin your chances most times but when you’ve master it, I can bet you, you’ll always be a winner.

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  1. Bros.. you just nailed it.. paying attention to your sorrunding is the way.. pay attention to those details she may consider inconsequential.

    1. Paying attention to your surrounding is more like using what is happening in your immediate environment as subject of discussion. You can just make use of anything that you can see around.


    Bro. adding 1 or 2 examples to each point on the article or feature articles would make readers get the clearest of the idea you are passing across the them.

    1. It can’t be.

      Something must interest her if you know how to present it.
      If she’s not responding the way you would like, you can throw questions at her, that is relating to the current happening around the country.

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