11 Signs that show you are a Needy Lover

Have you ever wondered what makes some people needy in a relationship? Needy people are never satisfied and always want more out of life and this is the focus in this write up.

I believe when a person becomes needy, he or she has gotten to the extreme and is lacking so many things their partner isn’t giving them or they aren’t getting what they want.

The funny thing is that some people may not even know that they are needy; it is only their attitude that reveals so.

Do you consider yourself to be a needy lover?

Check out these traits so you can examine yourself.

You always want to be loved:

11 Signs that show you are a Needy Lover

A needy lover always wants to be loved by someone and you do not feel complete unless you have someone in your life who does this.

It is not a bad thing to want to be loved but it becomes bad when you desperately ache for it.

You’ll do anything to be loved:

If you are a needy lover, you will be willing to do anything to ensure you get the love you desire.

Even if you inconvenience yourself, you will go the extra mile to make sure the other person shows you love.

You want to be noticed:

If you see yourself as a needy lover, you’ll always want your partner or someone you like to notice you.

You’ll find yourself doing this to draw the attention of others to you.

A needy lover feels more secured when he or she receives praises or compliments by others.

You always feel you lack something:

A needy lover tends to feel he or she has a vacuum in their heart.

If you feel unfulfilled and long for something that seems missing in your life then you are a needy lover.

You are insecure:

A needy lover is an insecure lover. This is because you lack confidence in yourself and that is why you see the need to depend on someone else.

What is it about someone else that makes you see yourself as less relevant?

You cannot stand on your own:

As a needy lover, you tend to rely on someone else for support rather than trusting in your abilities.

Without the help of someone else, you cannot do things on your own.

You make incessant calls:

If you are a needy lover, you will always make calls just to keep in touch with the person you like.

You will not feel satisfied until you have heard his or her voice.

You are always paranoid:

A needy lover will always worry and think of the worst outcome of her relationship.

Such a lover will lack trust and always suspect the actions of the partner.

You always want your partner around:

If you are a needy lover, you’ll always want your partner to be around you all the time.

And if he or she stays away from you, you are simply not yourself and feel more rest assured in the presence of your partner.

You are always jealous:

A needy lover will surely be a jealous lover. You will find yourself questioning every move made by your partner.

Even if what you suspect isn’t true, you’ll always feel this way.

You act fast in the relationship:

A needy lover wants everything done quickly. You’ll want to meet his or family members in order to acquaint yourself with them.

You’ll even start behaving as if you are already a part of their family.

Being needy doesn’t say well about you and if you are a needy lover, you ought to do something about it.

This is because it can ruin your chances of having a very good relationship. Some attitudes are irritating and being needy is one of such.

Nobody wants to be with a needy person so endeavour to find out if you possess any of these traits listed above before it is too late.

The earlier the better!

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