How to Keep your Relationship Alive Despite all Odds

I believe it’s easy to start a relationship but how easy is it to keep your relationship alive no matter what comes your way?

Relationships have their ups and downs and so are you ready to make your relationship stand strong and firm?

Are you ready to face any obstacle that you may encounter?

Are you willing to do all you can to keep your relationship alive?

If your answer is yes, then the tips below are for you.

Understand your partner:

The first step in keeping your relationship alive is in knowing who your partner really is.

Understand him or her, their temperament, attitudes, and mannerisms.

It is only when you know all this that you can fully enjoy your relationship.

Be lively:

How to Keep your Relationship Alive Despite all Odds

To keep your relationship alive, you as a person also has to be lively and if you are not, you will rub off on your partner.

You are what you exude and so if your ambience is fun, your relationship will also be fun.

Be creative:

It takes two people to make a relationship work and so both efforts are needed to keep your relationship alive.

You need to be creative an come up with ideas and suggestions that will help grow your relationship.

Planning and strategizing should not be left for one person to do and so your input is equally needed to make your relationship last longer.

This is because a one side relationship diminishes with time.

Do away with bad counsel:

It’s not everyone that laughs with you that is happy with your relationship and so if you follow the bandwagon, you’ll have yourself to blame.

To keep your relationship alive, keep your opinions to yourself, ignore side talks, and be someone who commands respect.

Be romantic:

How to Keep your Relationship Alive Despite all Odds

I know everyone has the ability to be romantic and if you are in a  relationship, it is your duty to be.

What is it about you that should make your partner stay with you indefinitely?

If your partner finds you boring and stale, you might just lose your relationship.

Everyone has a romantic side so find out what that side is and make it work in your relationship.

Be grateful:

If your partner keeps doing things for you and you never appreciate then how can your relationship be alive?

Saying ‘thank you’ for a good deed goes a long way in making your partner happy and it won’t make any less a human.

Indulge in celebrations:

To keep your relationship alive, do not forget your partners birthday, valentine celebration, Christmas etc.

Engaging in these celebrations together will help build trust and bring you closer to one another.

Always communicate:

You will notice that a couple who interact a lot end up becoming more alike without the even knowing.

In order for your relationship to be alive, ensure there is constant communication between two of you.

Ping, send SMS, and most of all make calls which will bridge the gap between two of you.

Show affection:

There is no use hiding ones feelings when you are in a relationship.

To keep your relationship alive, show affection towards your partner.

A peck, a kiss, or even a hug will strengthen the bond between you two.

Do not seem too needy:

I don’t think anyone likes a needy person so if your partner sees you as such, it may destroy your relationship.

Have open discussions:

How to Keep your Relationship Alive Despite all Odds

Baring your minds will help ease any tensions that may arise in your relationship.

If you can both be open with each other, it will clear out any doubt that may surface.

Keeping your relationship alive is hard work but it is possible as long as you are determined to make it work.

Are you ready to make your relationship alive and kicking? These tips should be of great help to you to do just that.

Try them out and don’t forget to let us know how it went.

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