15 Kinds Of ladies To Avoid Dating For Peace Of Mind (2)

Last week, the first part of the kinds of ladies to avoid dating looked at seven traits that are inimical to your peace of mind in a relationship. This is the second and concluding part of that exposè.

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

And remember, this is not rant about the unseemly things our ladies get up to. It is just pointer to us men about the kinds of ladies to avoid dating. That is, if you want to be happy in your relationship.

Let me just say this quickly before we start digging into it. It is not set in stone that dating the types of girls listed would definitely lead to disaster. Some men date them and seem to be happy with their choices.

For men like that, I am sure they have developed a special way of handling that particular nastiness in their girlz. Kudos to them.

However, the general rule is that your time is better spent doing important things than being bogged down with how to cope with the unfortunate situation with your woman. Right?

So let’s get down to the remaining set of kinds of ladies to avoid dating.

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

The fake and lying Lydia

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

I call this girl the lying Lydia. Many men and girls too can empathize with the problems associated with dating a girl like that.

She lies about everything under the sun. All in an attempt to boost her social rating or to get acceptance among her friends.

Most times, the lies are just to make her feel superior to others. This is a very serious psychological problem that can get you into a lot of problems later.

Now, because they lie a lot, most aspects of their lies are fake. Fact is, they dug that fake hole for themselves because they have to live up to those lies.

The backbiter

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

It is acceptable that on the average, girls tend to talk more than men. But with the backbiter, that talk has now being taken up to a another level.

One minute, they are your confidant, exchanging secrets with you and giving you sound advice. The next minute, they are with somebody else, telling them all the things you discussed with her in confident.

They do it because, like lying Lydia, they want to get approval from someone or make them like her more.

The secrets you cherish the most can never be safe with a lady like that.

The psycho who hardly says a word

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

When it comes to the kinds of ladies to avoid dating, this category are in a class apart.

Nobody, including their families, can figure them out because they have this cloud of mystery around themselves. Though mystery can be exciting sometimes, with this sort, it is a sinister kind of mystery.

It has little to do with being an introvert or shy.

No matter what happens, they tend to be quiet, chilled and calm. They internalize everything. And when you least expect it, they pour a storm of nastiness on you; bringing up issues you may have forgotten because you considered them unimportant.

Ladies like this are very antisocial.

The party and club hopper

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

While the psycho is at the mean end of antisocial, the party hopper is the extreme kind of ‘social’. To her, life is about living it up with fun constantly.

They don’t want anything serious like career or earning a living to interfere with their idea of how life should be lived. Even if they have a job, that is secondary to their party-loving life.

It can be really annoying hearing them shouting, ‘Thank God it’s Friday. Where’s the party at?‘ every weekend. Of course, parties are not just limited to weekends with them. Any day is fair game.

Daddy’s little spoiled girl

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

There are so many spoiled girls littering the relationship landscape. They all tend to be prettier than their friends, talk too much and feel entitled.

Though they are all grown up, life has treated them in such a way they never had to be held accountable for their actions. Their parents are always around to bail them out of trouble.

So they get accustomed to always having their ways just like little kids throwing tantrums if they don’t get a cone of ice cream.

With this type of Lady, you might find yourself having to answer to her parents from time to time for something you did. You simply can’t mess around with their daughter.

The alcoholic and drug addict

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

Are girls in these group even worth mentioning in the types of ladies to avoid dating? I mean, any right-thinking man should see ladies like them as a clear red flag.

Unfortunately, some ladies can hide their addiction from people until you get really close to them to find out.

When you find out, the best solution is to try and help them get a solution to the problem. If they persist in their addiction, it’s best you just walk away.

Leaving them alone might sound harsh, but life is too short to get entangled with people like that. They would only bring you down and cause a lot of misery for you, your family and friends.

The money-grabbing lady

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

They are generally known as gold diggers. She is on the top of the list of kinds of ladies to avoid dating of most men.

No man, no matter how rich he is, likes a girl who is constantly asking for money. To Girls like these, a man with an endless supply of money and an open hand is the best kind of man.

Naturally, when the money runs out, they also run-out on you to look for another man to satisfy their lust for money.

Never have the mindset that giving in to her demands would make her love you. Ladies like these would likely cheat on you if the money they get from you is not enough for their needs.

The drama queen

Kinds of ladies to avoid dating

She is the quintessential extrovert with an attitude. Being the center of attention is what she lives for. Anything that does not revolve around her is not important.

Because she has an attitude, her presence is always felt loud and clear no matter where she is.

She hates cool, calm, quiet situations. She must look for something to stir up the atmosphere. Most preferably a loud argument that involves her.

If you are looking for peace in your life, avoid the drama queen at all cost. From a detached distance, their behavior might be fun. But once she is in your life, you would know the definition of ‘always on your toes.’

So there it is, 15 kinds of ladies to avoid dating. Of course, you might come across other types in life, but broadly speaking, ladies to avoid dating fall into these categories.

Like I always say, life is about the pursuit of happiness. So why waste the little time you have with people that would make you unhappy? In other words, it’s better not to date than to be with ladies that would make you miserable.

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