Why You Should Never Buy Her Any Gift If You Want to Win Her

How many gift have you bought for all the women you’ve dated in the past? Does buying them gifts increase their love and attraction for you? And if it does, why are they not with you right now.

You won’t believe what you’re about to read here but it is the truth that all men must be aware of before buying any gift for a woman. Don’t just buy any woman a gift just because you are feeling attracted to her, your gifts won’t increase her attraction towards you.

Why You Should Never Buy Her Any Gift If You Want to Win HerIf you are just getting to know a woman and thinking that buying gift will help you to really get her attention, then you’re on a long thing, you’re heading toward the wrong direction with wrong approach.

It is not the gift you buy for her that will make her feel attracted to you, if she does not feel any attraction for you. If you’ve not made her to think about you and wanting to see or hear from you, no matter how expensive the gift you bought for her will make her feel real attracted for you.

If you think you’re being NICE to her and maybe that will make her consider you as the potential suitor. You must understand and get it all clear now that…

Attraction is not about being NICE, it is about that special feeling that either of you experience toward the second person, if the experience is not there, no matter how much expensive the gifts you bought for her will make her feel so much attraction for you, what you’ll get at best is artificial attraction which will not last.

Fine! She will be excited with the gift, smile, and laugh with you and even kiss or peck you, don’t think you’ve won her love and she should be feeling some great attraction for you. No, if the attraction wasn’t there before you bought her the gift; it won’t be created just because of the gift.

Don’t get me wrong here, it is good to be nice, don’t be stingy but when you want to get a woman attention and make her feel attracted toward you, buying her gift is never the best option.

If you buy a woman a gift when the attraction is there, you’re only establishing friendship and you will be quickly placed in the friendship zone or what is called Let Just Be Friend (LJBF).

Women have this foresight that makes them easily think of you trying to bribe them for their attention. They will get the gift from you and show appreciation for it but it will lessen their attraction toward you because, your gift look like a bribe to them.

Chivalry is different from bribery.

Women love chivalry, like helping her to open a door, pulling a chair out for her to sit on it, ushering her through a crowded room with one hand on her back……you get the gist here.

Where the problem now lies is that some guy mix chivalry with bribery, the place where you’ll land is in a friendship zone if you mix them together.

Why a woman like chivalry is because chivalry is genuine; it is not an attempt to manipulate them into feeling attracted toward someone. This is the very reason why you should hold back on your gifts or niceness and or flowers and first of all, get her attraction to spark up toward you.

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1 thought on “Why You Should Never Buy Her Any Gift If You Want to Win Her”

  1. English may be authors second language but his analysis of psychology is spot on.

    Gifting a woman is not being nice. It’s an attempt to manipulate. A gift is a box of pressure.

    This tactic may work for cheesy car dealerships with gift cards to lure potential buyers but it backfires in the area of romance.

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