Your First Date; The Things You Can Talk About

On Your First Date; The Things You Can Talk About

Meeting someone for the very first time and impress the person can be somewhat tricky if you don’t know what to talk about. On your first date, if you know what to talk about, it won’t take you long before you impress your date.

Your First Date; The Things You Can Talk AboutKnowing what to talk about will make it easy for you to have a good impression before your date. You don’t have to be charmer to impress your date, with the very first minutes that your date will use to form an opinion about you, talking what excite him or her within that few minutes will immediately have an impact on the way your date will feel about you. [Must Read: How to talk to girl you never met before and impress her]

Things you can talk about on your first date

1. Keep it simple and warm at the first sight; keeping it simple and warn when you sight a girl mean putting on a truly smiling face, because if you fake your smile, it will tell immediately and your date will notice it. You wouldn’t want that, the reflection of your smile has much to say about whether you’re going to be interesting or not.  Girls love to be around someone who will make them feel comfortable with their smile rather than a freaky somebody who will make them unhappy.

2. Please don’t use pick-up lines for your date because you may stalk along the line, not knowing what to say next and that will jeopardize your chances of turning your date into something meaningful with a  future assurance. [Must Read: What Girls Always Notice on First Date]

3. Make it known or tell her that you’re happy to meet her; the very first thing you should talk about when both of you are ready to talk is telling her that you’re happy to see her, it’s just a one line that can bring her down a bit for you. Talk about how happy you are to see her, or how nice it is to have bumped in to her. It’s just a sentence, yes, but one that warms both of you up for the good things to come.

4. You can follow up by complimenting her, telling her something like, you look nice, or you’re looking stunning and you don’t have to stop at that, you need to really look at her very well and use one of what she is wearing to complement her further. Don’t over exaggerate it, just keep it simple, there are chances that some of your complement would have been said to her by other guys times without number. So, not over doing it will keep you interesting to her. You can mention the colour of her dress and say some good things about the colour, or possibly, it’s your favourite colour, you can use her hair, if it is long, say something like you cherish ladies with long hair and blah blah blah like that…..

5. Go further by asking of how is her day, this will mean you have interest in her life within that few minutes you’re together. Asking about her day will open up other talks both of you can talk about and bring in the much friendship you desire in her. She will be happy seeing you as someone who shows interest in her everyday life.

6. Take a look around you and pick something interesting to talk about; there will be of course something that can even relate both of you together that can bring in more things to talk about. You may meet her in school, church, party, museum and other open places like that, use the surrounding environment to keep her engage with talks. [You Can Also Read: How to Talk to Girls an Win Them Over]

If you can take it to this level, believe me, you’ve had much to talk about already. It’s never a boring talk. These are things you can talk about on your first date and imprint in her mind a very good impression that will make her remember you even after you might have been long gone.

What do think about all these? I will like to hear from you, you can use the comment form below or get in touch with me on the my Facebook Fan Page and lets talk.

7 thoughts on “Your First Date; The Things You Can Talk About”

    1. Hi Fidelis,
      It is like that sometimes but that should not stop you from trying other girls, if some girls to don’t like you, there is no way they will say yes to you. And again how do you talk to girls? The way you talk to them matters, work on your manners of approach, be self confident and just be natural with them.
      If you still want anything I can do for you, please let me know through your comment here.

  1. tankx bro I just don’t know what’s wrong…to go and meet a girl stand has barrier for me not to talk of flirting with them …pls I need ur help

    1. The reality in life is that, the thing most of us fear has the key to our success especially in that area where you’re expected to act in contrary. Face your fear today and tomorrow you will get better. Everyone start from somewhere, if you fail to face it today, it will still be there tomorrow and next tomorrow. While not face it now and learn how to conquer the fear.

  2. Bro, i don’t just wats wrong with me anytime i see the girl i love, my heart skips and become afraid to approach the babe.bro i need ur help.

    1. Talk to that your heart say, e dey fork up well well oh.

      What’s wrong with you is approach anxiety, there’s no better way to deal with it than facing the fear and conquer it.

      Don’t mind the skipping or the fear it’s trying to create in you, just go approach the girl, if you fail today and tomorrow, next tomorrow you would have master your fear and it will becomes the things of the past.

      If you’re not still confidence approaching girls, then let to talk to sales girls, they are paid to speak with you, it’s part of their duty, they will want to convince about what they are selling, but you should know within your heart, that you’re just trying to use them gain confidence with girls. Just be friendly, flirt and even crack jokes with them. This really work well and before you know it, you’ll become the maestro.
      Hope this help you William.

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