7 Physical Attraction Tips to Make You Look Hotter

7 Physical Attraction Tips to Make You Look Hotter

If you’re wondering how to look hotter and impress someone you like when you meet him or her, these 7 physical attraction tips will help you achieve that. We all know that physical appearance is what anybody will first use to judge us, though your personality is what that will does the impression job but before getting to know your personality, the physical attraction would have pave ways for you.

Physical Attraction Tips to Make You Look HotterYour physical attraction will make people want to talk to you; it will make hot guys, babes and all beautifully made people wanting to have a conversation with you. You should however note that, physical attraction is not a guaranteed that you will have a better love and relationship life. That will depend on your inner beauty and in what you belief.

You should also know that not all people will be attracted to your physical attraction attributes, that is when the human choice come into play. What is detestable somewhere else, is the most admirable in another place. [Read; How to attract a girl you really want to marry]

The fact remain that some people will be wary of you because of your attractiveness, they will be thinking that you’ll be full of yourself and it is not their fault, they are threatened but the moment you smile at them and open warmly to conversation with them, they will also open up and get warmer toward you.

Use these 7 physical attraction tips to look hotter and attract the best people into your life

1. Use Right Fragrance:

The use of fragrance to enhance the way you cent or to create a unique kind of cent everywhere you go will give you attention and even those who do not bother to look at you when you’re entry into a place will be force to look at you because of the nice cent that is coming from you. Male preferable should use strong perfume and for female, soft and mild perfume will do the magic for you. [Must Read; 10 powerful tips on how to attract any man]

2. Maintain Eye Contact:

It takes only confident guy or lady to look into someone’s eyes and still maintain the eye contact. Though you don’t need to stare at people face or look directly into their eyes for longer time, but holding the contact for 2, 3, 4 second speak much about your confident. Those that are shy will look away immediately even before a second and many people will perceive you as lacking in self-confident. Make strong eye contact and look straight into their eyes as you speak with anyone, it create more attraction especially if you’re speaking to opposite sex and make you look hotter. [Also Read; How to use eye contact successfully]

3. Walk Tall:

Stand up straight and walk tall everywhere you go, it will make you look attractive even if you’re shorter than the people around you at a particular place. Walking tall with good posture will help you to get people’s attention, it shows that you’re confident and have no fear of any situation around you.

4. Appear Healthy:

Get a good night’s rest at least 7 hours every night, and avoid eating late at night. Surrounding yourself with positive people and do away with people that only see the negative side of life, when you feel positive about life, you’ll start to feel more positive about yourself and your self-esteem will rise. Don’t skip your breakfast because it is the most important meal in a day. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and your skin will start to glow with a naturally attractive radiance as long as you keep doing it. You can sense or rather see someone that look healthy from a far, your charming appearance will attract those you like to your life.

5. Wear Cloth that Fit:

The era of putting on baggies or oversize wear has gone, these days people go for clothing that is fitted and make them look smarter even than the way they actually are in reality. You will attract and look hotter if you dress with cloth that looks good on you which will also accentuate your assets.

6. Stop Comparing Yourself:

Comparing yourself with someone else out there will only make you look second to the best. You’re created with your own unique beauty or handsomeness that no one can be compare with your unique nature. What you have, some other people don’t have it and they imagine being in your position with unique appearance. Work around your flaw and be the best you can possible be and stop the comparison. It is only those that love who they are can attract beautiful people like them into their life.

7. Groom Well:

Physical attraction is all about the details. Dress well, groom yourself and have a shower regularly. Clean, supple hands and a well groomed appearance always make you seem more likeable and attractive.

Physical attraction is definitely not the major consideration for a relationship that will be successful but it plays a major role in the sense that, it is the first criteria that will initiate your coming together either as friend or couple.

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