Overprotective Woman Don’t Make A Good Mother; Here Is Why

Overprotective Woman Don’t Make A Good Mother; Here Is Why

Did you know that, one of the reasons why some men are not so caring the way men should care for their women is as a result of the overprotective nature of their mother? If you don’t believe me, take your time and observe guys that their mother is overprotective and see how they behave, even in schools, their relationship with women most times is not encouraging.

Overprotective Woman Don’t Make A Good Mother; Here Is WhyYou can’t blame them, though they grow up with the fear but not all of them are able to overcome the fear and be a confidence man. The fault is all coming from their mother, her overprotective nature is affective them, it is what they grew up with.

So, stay with me as I delve into more details why overprotective women don’t make a good mother.

You will agree with me, if you grow up in a home where your mother is somehow overprotective in nature or where you watch some women in your neighbour who are overprotective, especially to their male child. You always find it difficult to relate even with your own siblings, less alone outsiders. Your friends too know about it and they know when to switch off at the sight of your mother.

So the point here is that, mother should be careful about how their son is being treated, I know they meant good, but being overprotective is not doing their sons any good. It will affect their social life and the way they relate with people. [Read; Spending money or time with your children, which is more important]

I know of a friend, when we were growing up, he has an overprotective mom, he obeys her every command, yet it never happened that she ever respected a single decision made by him. It enormously hurts him.

So, mothers should learn how to compliment and appreciate their sons, and encourage them to flourish into the kind of confident personality that every men desire.

It is not just only teaching them to be confident, they are also responsible to teach them, how to become a better husband, allowing them to communicate openly, teaching them gentleness.

Sure, a mother who does all of these to her sons, will have a daughter-in-law that will always pray for her, for teaching and nurturing her husband in becoming a good husband. You can imagine the kind of blessing that will be to such mother.

The bottom-line here is that, don’t be overprotected in nature as a mother, because it will tell in your sons and people will relate it to the way their mother brought them up.

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