Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Not Be Interested In The Relationship Anymore

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Not Be Interested In The Relationship Anymore

She might not made it known to you that she’s feeling bad continuing the relationship with you, you may also be sensing it but dismissing the feeling that she’s not feeling good about your relationship with her.

The fact remains that you’ve done one or two of the reasons you’re about to read below to her which affect her in one way or the other, and she’s feeling the pain but unknown you.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Not Be Interested In The Relationship AnymoreIt is a misconception that girls get hurt more than guys when things go wrong in the relationship, both of them feel equally depending on who’s hurting each other.

You see, when your girlfriend is no more interested in the relationship with you and dump you, you’ll feel hurt but what is more painful when girls dump guys is not knowing the reasons that cause the dumping, it really hurt bad.

Below reasons are what you should watch out for why she might not be interested in the relationship anymore

The thought of being cheated

Girls don’t like feeling being cheated, it really gives them lots of headache and take their focus away from other important things they are suppose be doing. Guys can still cope with the thought of being cheated by their girlfriends but for girls….. it is a no, no, no go area. She will not accept it and might go ahead on that assumption to break up with you especially if it has become too frequent.

So, as a guy who really mean well for the relationship, you just have to try as much as possible to make sure, the thought of being cheated never cross your girlfriend’s mind. If it happen to be, just be sincere about it and explain things exactly the way it is and ensure you prevent incident that will make her think of being cheated again.

If you allow your family to dictate how to run your relationship

We have different families, so also their ways of life and how they interfere and handle thing are different. Why your girl’s family might be a little crazy, your own family might be completely mental about wanting to know exactly what is happening in your relationship. No girls will want any family interference in their relationship business with you.

Once she notices that your family is getting too much involvement in the relationship, the possibility of feeling uninterested in that relationship is very high. Let family take the position of family and you take your position as an individual having relationship with her, it is not a family relationship but your relationship with her.

If you take too much control of the relationship

Admittedly, guy should take control of his relationship with his girlfriend but being controlling is what that drive girls mad. Being controlling mean, she doesn’t have much say in the relationship, you’re the one telling her what to do, what not to do, where to go and where not to go.

When you’re acting like a boss to her, she will have no other options than to think of getting out of the relationship. She does not want to live with her boss at home, she want to live with a friend and a guy who gives her the freedom to do what she feel is good enough for her as far as the relationship is concern. [Also read; how to save your relationship if your boss is flirting with you]

The 3 reasons aforementioned above are very vital, you should not take it as mere advice why your girlfriend might not be interested in the relationship anymore.

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  1. i hav fal in lov wth a grl who previously was betrayed by her fomer boy frnds ed nw i blieve am th only one 2 mak her hap bt she hav loosed hop on boys! pleas give me advice what should i do!

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