How a woman can guide her heart from the lies men make

Do you believe a woman can guide her heart from the lies men tell her?

I am very sure you will agree with me that men lie a lot when it comes to issues related to relationships and affairs.

I am not saying that all men lie but majority of them do.

Amidst these, how can a woman guide her heart from the lies men make?

Most women are gullible to the things men say and men know just how to use the right words to entice women and of course women fall flat for them.

While it is sometimes not easy to resist men it is very possible for a woman to guide her heart so it is not easily broken by men.

Find out how you can do that in the few tips below:

Think with your head:

guide her heart

Most of the time because of the soft nature of women, we tend to think with our hearts rather than our head.

When you think with your heart, emotions get in the way but when you think with your head, you are more logical when making decisions.

Since women fall in love so easily, it is advisable to pause and think well before believing whatever a man tells you.

As a woman, it feels very good on the inside when we hear sweet words from the lips of men but how many of those words are true and real?

In order for a woman to guide her heart, she needs to leave the emotions aside and be reasonable by using her head.

Ask questions:

guide her heart

To sometimes know if a man is being real or not, it is good to ask questions.

Even though some men are experts in deceiving women, I believe there is a limit to how far they can go in telling lies.

If you notice that a man is always telling you sweet words, you can try to find out if he is real by asking him leading questions.

These questions can make him come out straight without him even knowing. So as a woman, do not just believe everything a man tells you but look for ways to ask questions.

Find out the motive:

For a woman to guide her heart from the lies of men, she needs to know the motive behind those sweet words.

At times, it is very easy to know when a man is lying; all you need do is determine what his motives are.

If a man just wants you for your money or your body, you will definitely know if you find out.

Motives cannot be hidden but can be displayed by one’s actions.

Forget love:

As a woman if all you are concerned about is love, then you will be in a lot of trouble before you know it.

You love him but does he love you as much? When woman love, they sometimes love blindly and a woman can do anything for the man she loves even though it hurts her.

For a woman to guide her heart from the lies of men, she needs to ignore or put aside feelings of love which can cloud her judgment of the other person.

If all she thinks about is how much she loves him, then there is no way she will know if his love is real or not.

It can be hard to do that but for your heart sake, do it.

Believe all you hear is a lie:

guide her heart

I have come to this realization that everybody lies. While it is good to give people the benefit of the doubt, it is also not a bad idea to think everybody is lying to you.

This is just so you can guide your heart against too many lies.

This is a strategy I use which works most of the time. When men try to sweet talk you and you have it at the back of your mind that they may be lying to you, then it becomes easier to handle them.

Life will surely become easier for a woman if she can make use of these tips in order to guide her heart from the lies of men.

Do you agree with me?

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