5 Types of Men that Are Never Successful with Girls

5 Types of Men that Are Never Successful with Girls

The modern women are often thought to be fastidious and selective. Well, how come so many guys get dumped? It is all girls’ fault!

Well, boys, we have bad news for you. In most cases, women have some good reasons to turn their backs on men. You might be wondering what they are repelled by. Every so often, it is something particular, but in most cases, girls are unsatisfied by the entire concept of your life and behaviour.

Men that Are Never Successful with GirlsThanks to our gorgeous friends from Single Ukrainian dating site, we gathered a list of five types of men who are never successful with girls. Learn them and squeeze out of yourself every feature that makes you similar to them. Your dating success is guaranteed!

1. Control Freaks.

These guys are always aware of what’s happening with their girlfriends. When they are home, when they are with friends, when they work – these guys keep an eye on every step and action.

It sounds more like a horror film. And it is. A girl finds herself encaged in relationships that started quite romantic and then turned into something terrible. Nobody likes to be controlled all the time, so if you will watch over her – she will dump you as soon as possible.

2. I-love-you men.

You probably know that feelings need some time to appear and grow into something bigger. Every time your heart makes a longish way from simply kindness to passion and love.

Well, these guys don’t need this time to get loaded with deep feelings. Some of them use all these I-love-yous to make girls believe that they have good intents (and get what they initially wanted – sex); others do need a little time to build strong feelings of love and attachment. And we do not know which of them is more horrifying.

3. Mr. Romance.

Can you imagine relationships without romance? We cannot. However, there’s a reasonable limit to everything. And this man does not know the limits.

He wants to talk about relationships all the time, he needs his girlfriend all around him permanently, her alcoholism is just a matter of time because the amount of sweet wines and champagne has increased drastically since she had met him. Just don’t. That’s too much.

4. Frat boys.

Guys often assume that women love childish behavior. Well, if you do something crazy from time to time and, therefore, make her laugh – it’s okay. But if you think girls like childish manners and boyish actions – you are terribly wrong.

Women love maturity and experience (which have nothing to do with aging!) but not your frat boy coolness.

5. Mr. Sexersize.

This cowboy only needs sex, which is obvious from the title. From the start, it will be quite romantic and pleasant to have s£x all the time.

A girl might even like it for a while. But then, things will start getting disgusting because the only thing that you are having is s£x. No talks, no dates, no emotional attachment etc. Just s£xual intercourse.

This man fulfills his needs with women’s bodies; he might eventually mutter something like ‘I love you’ but it has nothing to do with reality. No chances.

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