How to overcome the fear of meeting your soon to be in laws

The thought of having to meet your soon to be in laws can be scary as well as interesting.

A lot of people dream of getting married but how many people really look forward to meeting their soon to be in laws?

Don’t get me wrong, some in laws are great while some are just unpredictable so it is completely normal to have this fear.

For anyone who intends getting married, here are some tips you can use in preparation for meeting your soon to be in laws.

Don’t procrastinate:

The fear of meeting your soon to be in laws can make you procrastinate.

Rather than doing this, take a bold step by finally meeting them.

The earlier you do, the better.

Be yourself:

How to overcome the fear of meeting your soon to be in laws

I always ask this question “what’s the worst that can happen?” True, meeting your soon to be in laws is necessary so you are acquainted with them but why the dreaded fear?

Remember that they are humans like you just that they are much older; it’s not like they will eat you alive.

Just like being with their child makes you happy so also feel that way about meeting them.

There’s no use pretending to be who you are not just because you want them to like you. Just be you!

If you are comfortable in your own skin they will equally be comfortable around you.

Be respectful:

This is one attribute you must have and show towards your soon to be in laws.

Respect is needed especially in this part of the world. I don’t know the tribe you are marrying into but our cultures demand this act.

If you cannot show to your soon to be in laws that you are ready to be one of them then you are not ready to get married to their child.

I once heard a story of a lady who met her soon to be mother in law for the first time and she didn’t go all the way to the ground to greet her.

Can you guess the tribe of her mother in law? She was a Yoruba woman though the bride wasn’t Yoruba.

Do you know she took offense by this act?

It would therefore be wise to give respect to your soon to be in laws when it warrants it.

Ask questions:

How to overcome the fear of meeting your soon to be in laws

Before meeting your soon to be in laws, it’s good you ask your partner questions about them so you at least are aware of some things concerning them.

You may not be able to please them completely but making an effort to know them better would go a long way.

By asking questions, it shows you are concerned about them.

Meeting them will be a lot easier if you have an idea of their personalities.

Warm up to them:

You cannot know your soon to be in laws in one day; it has to be a gradual process.

This means not keeping a distance but doing all you can to bridge the gap in order to be familiar with them.

Be futuristic:

Rather than embracing fear, imagine the future with your partner and how you can’t wait for that moment.

This thought alone can push fear away from your mind and even make you eager to meet them.

Embrace meeting them:

I believe you would also want to be an in law someday so this is an opportunity to learn from the experience so that you are better equipped when that time comes.

Parents are joyful when their children get married and obviously they would be happy meeting whomever wants to marry their child. So just as you anticipate meeting them, they also anticipate meeting you; so see it as vice versa.

There is also an atom of fear within them as what to expect from their soon to be daughter or son in law.

Whatever the case, be open minded, be ready to learn and just enjoy the process of meeting your soon to be in laws.

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