How to Get Over Being Dumped By Girlfriend

How to Get Over Being Dumped By Girlfriend

Did you just get a breakup? Are you feeling worthless right now? Are you dealing with a great amount of trauma because your ex girlfriend dumped you?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then, you stumbled upon this post. You are going to experience a great relief right now.

Why are you feeling ‘being dumped’?

From my experience of consulting hundreds of guys, I can say one thing for sure that is, a girl normally dumps a guy when there is potential partner for her.

Another interesting thing is, a guy normally don’t feel ‘being dumped’ as long as his ex left him for another guy.

So, why do most guys feel being dumped after a breakup?

It is because they think that they are being replaced by ANOTHER GUY.

For this reason they consider themselves worthless. They think that if they were up to standard, then they were not rejected.

So what about you?

How to Get Over Being Dumped By GirlfriendAre you feeling being dumped because you loved your ex -girlfriend so much or because your ex – girlfriend dumped you for another guy? If so, then keep reading.

1) Welcome to the real world 

If your ex girlfriend left the relationship with you because of another guy, then it doesn’t mean that you are not as good as her new boyfriend.

It only means that the love-criteria of your ex girlfriend has changed. It has nothing to do with you.

Everyone has developed his or her love-criteria throughout their life experience. When someone matches a good amount of those criteria, the other person falls in love with them.

When your ex girlfriend fell in love with you, you were matching most of her love-criteria. Since the relationship begun, you both have changed. Therefore, it may be possible that the love-criteria of your ex girlfriend have changed.

In this case, she doesn’t feel that much for you. That’s it.

And it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person.

The second thing you should understand is that it may be possible that her new boyfriend is matching most of her new love-criteria. That’s why she has engaged with that new guy.

This also doesn’t mean that the new guy is better than you. It only means that he is matching a few more things of her newly developed love-criteria.

This is the real thing why she dumped you.

Accept this and forget your own flaws. It’s not wise connecting your flaws with any type of rejection from a girl who doesn’t appreciate you.

2) Avoid virtual world for a while 

It is very common for an ex to post cheerful images with her new partner on Facebook.

She does this just to make you feel bad about the breakup. The more you see her Facebook updates, the more ‘being dumped’ you feel.

The solution to this problem is simple. You just need to avoid Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for a while.

Or at least you should unlink your profile from your exes.

3) Avoid her for a while 

After being dumped from an ex girlfriend, most guys feel terrible. They don’t want to face their exes. They try to avoid their exes.

This is what you need to do, too. You should avoid your ex girlfriend. By doing this you will not only avoid awkwardness but also prevent yourself thinking about a reunion.

4) Nurture yourself 

As you lost your ex girlfriend, you have lost a good source of nurturing. That’s why you need to nurture yourself. Take some time to praise yourself for your good qualities. Write down your feelings and convince yourself that you are feeling down not because you are worthless but because your loved someone deeply.

Spend some time to rejoice the beauty of nature. Make tea or coffee and enjoy it with your favorite music.

Nurturing yourself is an important step. Don’t take it lightly.

Do all of these and you will soon get over being dumped by your ex girlfriend.

About the Author:

Alex J. Stevenson does blogging at – the ultimate source to get over exes. He isn’t a PhD holder on psychology, however he better understand how to use psychology to get over an ex.

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