Uncommon First Date Spots

Uncommon First Date Spots

It is not that easy to amaze a modern girl. For sure, women have never been that selective and open-minded as they are now. That is why men nowadays need something more to win a girl’s heart.

And while you are preparing yourself for the meeting, we will make sure you choose the best spot for this special occasion. Girls do not mind meeting in a café or a park.

However, if you want to make a great expression from the very first moment, you have to look for a place that would charm her. With the help of our friends from Brides Bay dating site, we chose several truly surprising spots for your first meeting.Uncommon First Date Spots

What about Turandot?

Back in the 19th century, theaters and opera houses were the most frequently visited places, commonly used for small talks and cute affairs. Unfortunately (and fortunately for you), these spots are not that popular in the modern world. It is a great chance to astonish your prospective girlfriend!

Aside from being quite romantic, a theater is also an indication of your cultural development and intelligence. Because, you know, only a smart person would choose an opera performance for the first date. Just make sure that she likes such things. Not every woman is into such performances (and it does not make them worse!).

A boat trip

How many romantic comedies have you seen? Probably a lot. How many of them contain a scene where main characters take a boat to have fun in the sunshine? A half of them do – and for a nice reason. You two will feel isolated (in a good way) and will be able to have an interesting and intimate conversation.

Of course, this choice requires a bit of a preparation, for instance, you should ensure that a girl is not afraid of water. And do not forget the sunscreen or else a shiny day near the water may turn out to be a total disaster. If everything goes fine, you will have the time of your life.

Real city promenades

This is more of a concept than a spot. You may become a guide for your potential girlfriend. Even if you both lived in the same city since the day you had been born, there’s always something more to discover. Google the most interesting places of your city – and you will find out you have never heard of the half of them!

Make up a brief plan of your promenade, take a coffee and have fun. You will also have a nice opportunity to learn each other during your stroll. Ask the girl not to wear high heels, or else she will suffer instead of having fun. And do not forget to meet a sunset in the most romantic place!

Arcades are not dead!

Do you remember your childhood? You have indeed been spending a lot of money in video game arcade cabinets. Because everyone did in the 80-s and 90-s. You might be surprised but they still exist. Do not be afraid to act childishly.

Women know that a teenager inside of you will always be there, no matter how mature you are on the surface. You will have a lot of fun playing, comparing your skills in arcade games, drinking strawberry and chocolate milkshakes, and more. Sounds perfect for the first date, eh?

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