10 Things Men Want From Women But Stay Mute About

There is this urban myth that women are so complicated while men are simple. And in relationships, what men want from women can be reduced to a few simple and basic things. Like all urban myths, that is a wrong notion.

men want from women

Men can be as complicated and confusing to their ladies the way we men find ladies mysterious.

There is a reason many women call their men jerks, or dick heads or whatever suitable slur is trending at the moment. The point been that women too find us very exasperating with some of the choices or decisions we make.

To reduce that confusion for the lovely ladies in our lives, here are the things men want from women but sometimes would never have the guts to tell their ladies.

What Men Want From Women

Men love respect

men want from women

Been a man, and speaking with other men over the years, I know respect must rank at the top of the list of what men want from women they are in love with

There is something about how we are wired that we can take a lot of bullshit from life; but we never tolerate same from our women.

That is why sometimes a man’s public image is as clean as a whistle, but from his significant other, you’d hear hair-raising stories about how despicable he is privately.

Most times, what brings the the beast in us to the surface is when we feel we are not getting the respect we deserve from our ladies.

We need our women to admire us

men want from women

It can be hard to make a distinction between admiration and respect. However that difference is there. It is possible to respect a man without admiring him.

For instance you can show respect for your boss at the office; but privately, you really hate his guts and you won’t want to be like him. See the distinction?

The way to show a man he is admired is to tell him how much he is appreciated. The compliment must be sincere, or he might somehow sense the false note in the lady’s voice.

The trick is never to lay it on too thick and to chose the right moment to show appreciation for your man.

For instance never tell a man how much you love his voice when the whole world and their dogs know his voice is worse than that of a drug addict with wasted vocal cords.

Men want their women to be around

men want from women

I know we give out vibes about how we don’t want to be pestered all the time with the presence of the ladies.

Truth is, we love our ladies to be around us all the time. Even if they don’t have anything to say, their presence makes our day.

So if your man’s weekend routine involves going for a game of tennis with his buddies, endeavor to join him. He’d be happy to have you watch him trash his friends.

Unless he is hiding something from you, your companionship at events like these would give him a lift.

Look nice as much as possible

men want from women

One mistake women make, especially the married ones, is that they start being careless about how they look.

The fact you are sure your men is in love with doesn’t mean you have to stop looking nice. We men, notice it when our ladies stop making an effort to look nice for us. Next thing you know, the man starts wondering where the girl he fell in love with disappeared to.

Little things like this add up to cause problems in relationships. Don’t be surprised if your man lashes out at you one day for no apparent reason.

We might not say it out loud, but stuff like this which sounds ridiculous in theory, could be what would finally break his figurative camel’s back.

Cultivate your voice

men want from women

I remember how I became very good friends with a girl on the strength of her voice. Her voice was so cool I nicknamed her ‘Angel Voice.’

Though she wasn’t much to look, but once she opens her mouth, nothing else matters.

A nice voice is one of the things men want from women but would never tell them. A pleasant voice is like a soothing balm to the wounds we get everyday from life.

Even if you don’t have a voice like Beyonce, speaking to your man in a pleasant way goes a long way.

Be his best cheerleader

men want from women

Man need to know their lady is always in their corner cheering them on, no matter what. We always feel a rush of adrenaline anytime we notice our ladies cheering us on.

Show the man you belief in him and his dreams. I promise you, he would move mountains just to make sure he repays that trust in him.

Do that for him and watch how he would also support you with all he’s got.

A thank you and a smile goes a long way

men want from women

Some women think that after a while in a relationship, showing appreciation for what he is doing for them is not necessary. After all, the man should know instinctively they appreciate his efforts.


No matter how small it is, a thank you accompanied with a sincere smile for what he did is something men want from women regularly.

I know how it feels after doing a little favor for a girl, all I get is a curt ‘Thank you.’ That leaves a feeling I didn’t do enough.

For girls like that , I find it difficult to do something for them again. Not because of the attitude. But because I am scared I won’t measure up to their standards.

Blow his trumpet for him

men want from women

Well, if you want the ideal strong-silent-type man, one of the prices you have to pay for that to keep him happy is to blow his trumpet for him.

Any good man has to do so many things that goes unnoticed and unrewarded. To keep your man on that track, you need to regularly mention the things he does and how much you think that makes him a very special person.

People outside would hardly do that because they don’t know him as intimately as you do.

Your reward for doing that is a man who would always bless the day he walked across that crowded room (assuming that is how you guys first met) and said, ‘Hi’ to you.

Men love their private space

One of the things men want from women is the ability to recognize when to leave them alone. A guy might want your companionship constantly, but sometimes he might want to do stuff alone or be left to mull things over.

Recognizing how to make that distinction between companionship and the independence of the man would prove to the man your are perhaps the only person in the world who gets him.

Show him how much you want him

men want from women

Most women I know always wait for the man to make the first move at intimacy.

Men love it when their ladies actually try to seduce them. At least give us a chance to be coy with you girls too. Though, I can’t imagine any man taking that too far though.

It is not a bad idea to constantly flirt with your man as you would a new crush. That would give him a pleasant buzz all the time.

Now is the time I hand the baton over to you ladies. Tell us what you think men want from women from your experiences.

If you don’t have any idea, why don’t you share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. They might just help you out with some gems.


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