Am I Showing too much love in my relationship? Tips on how to express love in a relationship

Do you sometimes feel choked in your relationship or do you feel you constantly express love in your relationship?

While it is good to express love to your partner, I believe there are certain ways this can be done so it doesn’t become suffocating to the other person.

The ways you can express love in your relationship are:


I always hear people say that things should be done moderately and I believe in the area of love; this should also be factored in.

This is because anything done too much can be annoying at times.

Showing your partner how much you love him or her is not a bad thing to do but how you do it matters.

You will find out that most times at the beginning of a relationship, people tend to be very excited and do all they can to overly express love for their partner to show how they feel.

For some people, it gets to a point where the love starts to diminish not because they hate the other person but because they have felt too much of that love.

This is why in my own opinion; one should express love moderately.


Tips on how to express love in a relationship

Some people know how to fake love towards their partner but one thing I have come to realize is that over time, the real intention of such a person is revealed which ends up destroying that relationship.

To express love in a relationship, you need to do it genuinely so that you can fully enjoy your relationship. If your affection is fake, it has a way of showing itself which is not normally appealing.

I believe that one would not feel too suffocated with love if it is done genuinely and from the heart.

This is one way a lot of people fall short in relationships. Why fake love in a relationship, anyway? The truth will reveal itself sooner than you think.


Tips on how to express love in a relationship

What is love if it’s not done in a selfless manner? Most of the time, people think only of themselves in their relationships and end up dishing out love the wrong way.

All they are concerned about is what they can get out of that relationship which should not be so.

What would make your partner get tired of the so called “love” you have for him or her if he or she does not feel like you put them first?

One of the bedrocks of any relationship is love so both of you ought to express love putting the other into consideration which is an act of selflessness.


A lot of people say what they do not mean and to express love to your partner, it is best to not just say it but also act on the things you have said.

Your love for your partner would best be felt if it is shown in your attitude and the things you do.

To fully express your love, you must go the extra mile to show that person how you feel and that is by the things you do.

One would not be suffocated by love if he or she sees how much you have done which invariably shows how much the relationship means to you.


Love can be overwhelming but even at that and how you feel, the way you express love should be a gradual thing. Nobody likes to be hurried in anything so I believe this also applies to expressing love.

Let the other person know how you feel but do it gradually. Time always reveals the real intent of any individual so love the other person in a step by step manner.

You wouldn’t want them to flee just because you want them to desperately know how you feel, would you?

Being in a hurry to express love would show you as being desperate and this is not a good sign for anyone.

So if you feel like you are showing too much love in your relationship, the tips in this article should explain to you the right way to express love.

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