Are Men and Women Confused of the Purpose of sex?

Are Men and Women Confused of the Purpose of Sex?

These days, people are looking for sex without love, love without marriage, marriage without responsibility.

The world’s idea of sex is shallow and distorted. The world says “make love”, God says “love”, and we have confused sex with love. Mating is a physical sign of a spiritual act, the giving of oneself completely to another and for another.

Marital love is the binding of one spouse to another. It is one thing to know how to make love to someone, it’s quite another to actually love someone. “Let’s make love” refers to a performance, it means, to go do something. “Making love” is merely a technical experience, whereas loving is a spiritual act.

If sex produced love, no one in the world would feel more love than prostitutes, yet prostitutes are among the highest rate of people who feel lonely, they never love and that is why some of them commit suicide.

Love is the desire to please another, the total giving of oneself to another, not the taking of something.

There are many ways to express love and physical affection; mating is just one of them, people can find complete fulfillment in one another without having the technical experience that we glorifies so much.

Sex was given by God to help express love, not to create it. Anyone who gets married for sexual reasons alone has already paved the way for failure, because sexual desire fluctuates.

It grows, get to the peaks and then dies down. If you base your relationship solely on sex, your relationship will also grows, get to the peaks and dies.

If sex is so much more important than anything else in life, why does it diminished with age?

When one gets married and as the marriage grows, what we enjoy during the first years of marriage will become less important, and the real relationship will begin to develop.

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