Your Relationship Is Toxic When These Signs Are In Existence

Your Relationship Is Toxic When These Signs Are In Existence

When something is toxic, it mean poisonous but may not act immediately, if you’re ever in a toxic relationship, it won’t kill your love and romantic life immediately but it will eventually wear you down and often times too late to recover. You’re likely going to get a divorce with a heavy heart.

Toxic relationship is just like drinking battery water, sure, it hurt each time you drink it but it won’t kill you immediately, it’s only after some days that you’ll realized what you’ve done to yourself, your life will be gone sooner because of its poisonous effect in your stomach lining. This is the best illustration I can refer toxic relationship to.

Your Relationship Is Toxic When These Signs Are in ExistenceSo, watch out for these signs that dominate toxic relationship and do yourself good to make a decision to stay and get killed softly or end drinking the battery water before it deleterious effect in your love life.

Does your partner keep a score card, especially of your wrongs?

I know a place where score card should be hanging, it is in the sports field but if you found one in your relationship, you should know that your relationship has been turned to a sport field where you’re to battle with opposition. This mean, there will be only one winner and the second person will become losers. The former is most likely going to be for your partner while the latter is obviously coming to you.

I’m sure you won’t allow this to happen to your relationship. So watch out if your partner is keeping your wrongs in the relationship and every time you have little disagreement, he’s always reminding you of what you’ve done wrong in the past to crucify you even if he’s aware that he’s at fault.

If you cannot change this, please do the needful and save your heart from emotional trauma every now and then.

Does your partner hate to take responsibilities?

It is only kids or grown up who are emotionally unstable or immature that don’t like taking responsibilities, even if everyone knows that it’s their fault. If you have a partner that cannot take responsibility, you have more work at hand because everything will be on your shoulder.

Both partners in a relationship should be able to take responsibility when something goes wrong, shared responsibility often time help partner to take a look at what’s wrong, and be able to act accordingly by taking their own share of the blame and ready to work things out to move the relationship forward.

You’re in a toxic relationship if you partner can’t at least share responsibilities in your relationship.

Is your partner always threatening to quit the relationship?

Your partner may have commitment crisis if he or she always threaten to leave the relationship. When there is little argument, the next thing you hear is their threat to quit the relationship, thus leaving you with fear of losing him or her. This will prevent you from saying things the way they ought to be if you’re grip with the fear of your partner leaving the relationship.

I thing people in relationship should learn to know how to express their negative feelings without threatening the existence of their relationship.

Is your partner calling you names?

In my own opinion, there should be name calling but the name should be the name your father and mother gave you or the romantic or pet name you gave each other in your relationship. Any other names that are generated out of annoyance or contempt should be totally avoided in your relationship.

If you or your partner is in the habit of calling each other stupid or any other derogative names, you should sit down to ask yourself why all these nonsense name calling.

Have you ever been downgraded by your partner your relationship?

This doesn’t need to happen all the time, but its occasional presence is worrisome in every relationship. Your romantic partner is supposed to build you up and not to tear you down. If your partner don’t feel encourage to see you growing bigger than himself, then you may have to leave him and grow on your own. Don’t let anyone be a stumbling block to your growth in life.

There are many more signs of a toxic relationship but these few ones is suffice enough for you to decide where your fate lies in the relationship.

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