Your Fashion Style: What’s Your Style?

Hmnhmn! What is your style? Oh! I mean your fashion style. Every woman loves to have a healthy looking skin, wants to have good dress sense and look nice all the time. Do you consider yourself stylish? You know, you can define your style since your dressing says a lot about your personality. You know how the saying goes: show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Well, I say show me your wardrobe and I’ll tell you who you are. It’s quite important to define your style. Your fashion style stands you out and gives you a unique personality. It differentiates you from other people and gives you a look that looks YOU. Your fashion style doesn’t make your dressing predictable because once you know what your style is and how it suits you, you will be able to mix and match your wears to look different all the time but still looking YOU.

fashion styleFactors that determines Your Fashion Style

Okay, now, there are some factors that help you define your style. Examples of Such factors are:

  • Your body shape and size
  • Your height and;
  • Your complexion since your style also has to do with the colours you choose to wear that suit you.
  • Sometimes, your job also has a part to play, for example, if you have a job where you have to stick to a particular dress code or pattern, because then, you don’t want your dressing to look dull and boring.

Women’s Different Type of Body Shape and styles that suit the body shapes

Not everything in trend looks good on every body shape and being stylish is not all about wearing everything in the trends or wearing expensive clothing rather it is about finding out exactly what goes with your body shape and size and giving yourself the perfect style that suits you. Now, imagine a full figured lady in a voluminous dress, it only emphasizes the size and makes it look even larger than it already is.

Depending on your shape, size, height, colour, you can create for yourself a perfect style that suits you and works well for you whether you are working or going on a dinner date or just hanging out with friends and you always look fabulous.

One thing to keep in mind when creating your style is that everything that you put on has to make you look and feel good, from your under garments to your very shoes. You need to try to make your clothes fit your body shape and size and not the other way round.

Fashion Style For Tall women

If you are a very tall woman, then you might want to stay clear of short dresses and skirts, longer dresses definitely compliment your height and make you look even taller and of course stunning.

Fashion Style For Short women

On the other hand, short dresses do look a lot more gorgeous on shorter women. Petite women however, look fabulous in little pleats and gathers at the waist with a small top.

Fashion style for Curvy shaped women

For the very curvy woman, well you probably would look good in anything but to really accentuate your figure, I think you should really go for some clingy dresses just to show off that figure. Unless of course you don’t want to turn some heads, but then, who wouldn’t? Slim fitted pencil dresses or skirts will just do the trick.

fashion style 1

Every individual is unique

Creating a style for yourself can be very interesting and mind blowing once you come to terms with the fact that you can look fabulous just being YOU, no matter what your body shape is. Whatever the occasion, you can always step out looking gorgeous and feeling very comfortable in and with your own body and never have to worry or feel jealous of what your friends are wearing or always longing for everything in trend.

Choice of Colours that accentuate your style

Once you have a fashion style that works for you, then colour come into the picture. You need to determine what colours suit you, your complexion dictates the colours you choose to wear. Okay, cool colours look good on light skinned women and brighter colours, on dark skinned women.

Sometimes, you can try other colours but just don’t overdo it. You may also try some colour blocking having more of the colours that suit your complexion. The fabrics you wear also are important, prints and stripes on your fabrics work differently for different body sizes.

If you are plus size woman and you are wearing a striped fabric, it’s better to have the stripes vertically because vertical stripes somewhat give you a trim figure and make you appear slimmer. Also, plus size women should avoid bold prints on fabrics. On the other hand , if you want to appear a little bigger than your actual size, then try wearing bold prints and wearing your stripes horizontally.

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