Sharing A Bed With Your Partner Is Not All That It’s Cracked Up To Be

Many people look forward to the day they’d start sharing a bed with their partner. Really, what is better than waking up each morning knowing your significant other is lying just beside you?

Sharing a bed

For guys, sharing a bed with a partner is more than an all night romp in the hay with her. There is the morning after, especially if it is weekend where you don’t have to bother about mundane things like rushing off to work.

The first morning after the first time you spend the whole night with you girlfriend would give you an idea what it is like to be happily married.

You would wake up to the sounds of her buzzing about in the kitchen. The nice smell of the breakfast she is making wafting slowly across to the apartment to your room….

Nice image I must say. And to be fair, something like that does really happen in reality.

But sharing a bed with your partner is much more than just what would happen the next morning.

My first time of sharing a bed with a sweetheart I was in love with was significant only by the fact that I spend most of the night trying to make sure I did not disturb her beautiful sleep.

I learned new sleeping positions to accommodate the person next to me. Every time she shifted to make herself comfortable while sleeping, I was instantly awake thinking I had done something wrong. Perhaps, a knee applying uncomfortable pressure against the small of her back?

I am not saying everybody would have that sort of experience the first night though. That was just me being very considerate for her well being. In retrospect, I wished I asked her whether the night was as uncomfortable for her too.

Because thinking about it now, it is very possible her entire night was also a journey in making sure she did not spoil my sleep. Meaning, it was not a good night’s rest for her too.

But the morning after was perfect. Just the way it is written in adult love stories.

Okay, the issue at stake is if sharing a bed with your partner is all that it’s cracked up to be, right?

The pros of sharing a bed with your partner

Sharing a bed

There are some people that would be thoroughly shocked if one were to suggest that sharing a bed with a partner is not such a good thing.

To them, it is a no-brainer how awesome it is that the last person you see before drifting off to sleep is the love of your life; and they are the first person you see the next day too. Is there a better way to end the day and start a new one?

Sharing a bed with your partner is an opportunity to get to know each other more intimately I must confess.

The first night would be all about talking without having the feeling that time is against you. The talk is always measured and unhurried.

Sharing a bed

The kind of quality time you’d always dreamed of having with her is what you get that first night you share your bed with your partner.

And of course, there is the cuddling and all the subsequent the things that might happen.

I like the cuddling part best. Especially spooning.

This is one time you’d feel the person lying in your arms is the best thing that had ever happened to you in a long time; if both of you are in a relationship that is.

And the morning after? Well you get to see your partner in their natural state. Without all the finery and makeups that they hide under during the normal course of the day.

My recommendation is that the first time you do decide to share your bed with a partner, make sure it is a weekend.

However, like everything in life, there is always a downside to everything.

The cons of sharing a bed with your partner

Sharing a bed

After the initial euphoria of having moved in with your partner has settled down; after the burst of adrenaline of that first few days or weeks or sometimes months for some people, reality begins to set in.

That is when you begin to see all the kinks involved with sharing a bed with someone else.

One of the first thing you’d noticed is whether you need to buy a bigger bed to fully accommodate you both.

At first, that wasn’t a problem because you couldn’t just get enough of the touching, cuddling, and leisurely discovery of your partners body. You get used to all that after a time.

Your body now wants to return to what you are comfortable with.

What if your partner is a restless sleeper and you now find it irritating? Perhaps at first you thought the constant noise and mumblings while sleeping were because they were not used to the new situation of sharing a bed with a partner.

Now, you know that is their default state when sleeping. And that annoys you no end. It is not inconceivable you begin to think you made a huge mistake.

Sharing a bed

A friend once broke up with his girlfriend of a few years because he discovered she had an unfortunate habit of farting throughout the night.

At first he though it was something she ate. But time proved it was just the way she was wired.

The best solution was to get a bigger house with separate rooms. However, the farting  busted all his fantasies about his perfect girl. Sometimes, love just ain’t enough I guess.

Again, there could be the snoring thing to deal with. God help you if your partner snores while sleeping; and to compound that, you  are one of those light sleepers who jerk out of sleep at the slightest noise.

How do you deal with a situation like that? There would be nights when you’ d dread the idea of going to bed.

Sharing a bed with a partner who snores can bring out the devil in you. In your mind, you begin to belief your partner is the most selfish person you’d ever met.

I mean, how can they be sleeping while being blissfully unaware of the pains you are going through. Enjoying while your are suffering? That is unacceptable!

The point here is this, before you finally decide to tie the knot, practice sharing a bed with your partner for a while. See if both of you are compatible with each other on the same bed.

That way, you can make adjustments to your relationship moving forward. Seriously, it would be a shame if you discover all these things after you get married, don’t you think so?

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