Rules to Fighting Fair to Resolve Conflict

Rules to Fighting Fair to Resolve Conflict

No relationship is perfect. When two different people have to live together or be together every day, it is normal to appear some problems and conflicts. Like everything else, this is also an important part of the relationship which shows exactly how those two people understand each other and cope with the stressful situations. Usually, someone needs to make a compromise but when we are caught up in the fight we often forget about this simple solution. Unfortunately, even the smallest argument could cause bigger and more complicated problems in the relationship in the future, so it is best if you try to resolve your disagreements in the beginning. Forget about the dirty tricks and the desire to be always on top because this could only lead to more problems and conflicts with your partner.

Rules to fighting fair to resolve conflictThe arguments could arise from the most ordinary things like the cleaning of your apartment, for example. When that happens it is important to stay calm and not give into your anger. After all, this is your partner and you need to realise that it is not worth fighting over such silly things. For the cleaning and the other chores you can make a compromise easily by dividing the work into two. You can take the vacuuming, the cleaning of windows and the laundry for one week while he can take care of the dishes, the dust and the cooking. You can switch the tasks every week, so that nobody feels bad.

When you are arguing it is easy to forget about the main reason why the conflict started in the first place. However, it is still important to remember that you have to fight fair, in order to get out of this unpleasant situation faster. Here are some rules which is good to follow:

  • Stick to the current problem – Once you start fighting some old issues might appear again. In a situation like this, it is not a good idea to bring up old problems because this will only aggravate the conflict. Even though it is very easy to lose control, you should try to remain calm and focus only on solving your current problem.
  • Admit it when you are wrong – For a lot of people there is nothing more important than winning an argument. This, however, could be very bad for your relationship and for the feelings of your partner. It will be much better, if you simply admit it when you know that you are wrong. This will help you solve the conflict faster and will show to your partner that you are willing to take responsibility.
  • Try to be honest – Honesty is in the core of every strong relationship. If you respect your partner, you have to be honest even when this leads to an argument. It is better to get everything out in the open, so that you will be able to move on. You will see that this will make you feel much better and will even make your relationship stronger in the future.
  • Give a chance to your partner to express feelings too – When you are arguing, it is very easy to forget that the other person needs to express feelings as well. If you want to achieve some progress, it is best to have an open and honest conversation where every person can tell how he or she feels. This is the best strategy when it comes to conflicts.
  • Always look for solution – Sometimes a fight can go on for days just because the couple is not willing to look for a solution. Instead, the partners are trapped in a cycle where they blame each other and use the current situation to bring up some old unresolved issues. You don’t have to go through all this, if you simply stick to finding a solution from the beginning.

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