Why you must Remove Facial Makeup At Night

Often times, we are too tired or care less about wearing makeup over night. Yet, it is very essential that you remove facial makeup every night to ensure a healthy growth and look of your skin.  Never neglect washing your face at the end of the day as it is one of the healthiest things you could do for a luxuriant face and look.

Try not to become guilty of one of the greatest mistakes women make with regards to the health of their skin as lamented by skin care consultants and estheticians. It is a highly recommended skin care practice to remove facial makeup with reusable bamboo makeup remover pads every night for the following reasons:

remove facial makeup

A clean face radiates some kind of joy and happiness

When you leave an old makeup on your face over the next morning, it is nothing but leaving your face dirty. If you sleep with a makeup on your face, it is basically dirt that you have allowed to settle down on your face. It is equivalent to leaving a piled up coating of dirt for an extended period of time.

Your skin ought to be rejuvenated

To allow your skin to be rejuvenated and properly recovered, it is essential that you refreshes it and keep it constantly hydrated.  Allowing makeup to settle down on your face for a longer period of time dehydrates the skin of your face. The drier your face, the more wrinkles it produces. You don’t want to be contributing to the untimely ageing of your face.  To avoid this occurrence, the one and only thing that is required of you is simply remove facial makeup prior to bedtime every day.

When you don’t remove facial makeup at night, you are predisposing your skin pores to clogging

When your skin pores are clogged, you tend to get more breakouts and acne saddled face. The drying effects of the elements on the makeup are also not good at all for your skin.

It is easy to do and doesn’t take much of your time

Although, sometimes you might be really very tired; at such times try to remove facial makeup by merely wiping it off with a cleansing cloth. It is much better to trend cautiously this way than leaving it off entirely.

When you remove facial makeup every night you sustain a youthful spark

When you provide your skin with the right opportunity it requires to regenerate, you are working towards a more youthful and healthier sparkle.

You appear more energized and less worn out

Old makeup that has been allowed to settle down on your face increase dark circles round your eyes and makes it appear that you are not well rested. Remove facial makeup every night before you go to be to do away with dark circles round your eyes.

You’ll essentially feel much better when you remove your makeup before bedtime

It gives you a lovely feeling when you remove facial makeup and wear a fresh face after hard day’s job. The lovely sensation that this creates in you is worth every effort to have it done.

You make it less of a hassle for applying a new makeup in the morning

If that is what you want, you could reply new make u on top of the old ones but if your face is clean, the makeup application process will be easier to do.

 You allow your face to be better oxygenated

When you keep your face clean, you make it easier for oxygen to flow through your skin. This refreshes your skin and makes it look and feel healthier.

The contents of makeup even the natural ones can lead to allergic situations

Makeup products lead to allergic situation especially when worn from a prolonged period of time. In addition, some of the contents get really uncomfortable for the skin after sometime especially if worn for a longer period of time.

Skin care should be one of your top priorities. Therefore, although you need makeup to augment your beauty, the look and health of your skin should be prioritized over the application of any form of makeup.

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