Monday Morning Blues: 4 Effective Ways To Kick Start The Week

Monday morning is my favorite day of the week. I have tried to understand why this is so because almost everybody I know hate Monday morning. Hell, most people l know don’t look forward to Monday, not just the morning.

Monday Morning

I guess for me, it is this freshness about Monday morning that kind of seduces me. Like a freshly perfumed beauty determined to have a go a me.

Everything about Monday morning smacks of newness and promise for a better week. After all, over the weekend, I got myself a new hair cut. I did my laundry so my clothes are all clean. Only an Arsenal loss over the weekend can spoil the day for me, because I get to face a lot of teasing from my colleagues on such on days following the weekend loss.

I guess some would envy my love for Monday morning. Generally though, people have a hate-hate relationship with Monday mornings. Imagine having to wake up from bed to face work after a night of partying.

It is even worse if one has a disagreeable boss to look forward to all week. You just bury your head in the pillow and wish the alarm would just stop singing. These are the times you wished you could just stretch out your arm and fling the damn alarm at the wall.

monday morningOnly thing stopping you is that the alarm is coming from your expensive smartphone. Oh, for the good old days of a real clock. When you could just reach out from under your pillow and slam the clock with your fist to stop that jarring ringing.

So the question a smart guy would ask is, if I don’t have the Monday morning blues, how come I know a way around them? What makes me such an expert when I never experience them? Isn’t it like bachelor advising a couple over the problems they are facing in their marriage?

Hmm..good points though. Taking the marriage analogy a bit further, though I’m yet to have that grand wedding I have being planning for the last 10 years, I could give a married couple good advise based on the simple logic that a wedding is just like a very long, very committed relationship.

And I am a veteran in long committed relationships. Just like I am an veteran in how to make adrenaline pump through your body and make you chirpy the whole day. So do these things and watch your Monday morning blues disappear.

Sunday Night is the key

You can have as much ball as you wish on Fridays evenings and all day Saturday. However, try as much as possible to make sure all weekend social activities end well before Sunday night.

Use Sunday night to relax in front of the TV watching a boring program. Or better still, just grab hold of a book and get to it. The key here is to go to bed early and sleep off the weekend excitement.

Write a Monday Morning ‘Things to do’ List

Monday morningThis should also be part of your Sunday night routine. Write out a list of things you need to do for the week. Starting from a Monday morning to-do list.

Make sure you put the easiest tasks first. With a well prepared list, you won’t wake up in the morning wondering what you have to do on a boring day like this.

With your list, you have a well articulated mission that has to be accomplished. Of course, you must prioritize your list according to the things you love doing.

Chuck in a Monday Morning Work out Session

nonday morningNot many buy into this idea. But I tell you, a little work out like jogging early in the morning would energize you for the whole day.

If jogging is out of the question you can do any low impact exercise indoors. There are so many of them. The point is to get your heart racing and pumping oxygen around the body.

Get that Extra Boost with a Cup of Coffee

monday morningConsuming caffeine Monday morning or any other morning might not be the best idea. But a cup would do you a lot of good. Like we always say about coffee, it is taking too much of it that harms the body.

This is especially good for folks who can’t be bothered to hit the gym on Monday morning. You can get your energy boost from a good cup of coffee.

Are you already at work or school and reading this? Tell us how you manage your Monday morning blues. You can as well tell us how much you hate Mondays. Use the comments box below or click the social media icons to take you to our Facebook page or Twitter handle where you can say a thing or two about Monday mornings.

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