Effective Approaches to Permanently Stop Snoring

Effective Approaches to Permanently Stop Snoring

In my last post, I talk about the effect of snoring on your relationship and how to overcome it, and I did promise to share with you in the next post on the effective approaches permanently to stop snoring. You should however note that, not all these approaches will work for you but you need to take them one at a time and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach. If one works for you, you stay with it and get rid of snoring, if one doesn’t works, move to another and until you find the right one that helps you overcome snoring.

There are various devices use for curing snoring but unfortunately, many of these devices have not been proven to be effective for all. Some of them are even going to get you totally uncomfortable and irritating and deprive you of your sleep.

Effective Approaches to Permanently Stop SnoringThe effective approaches you’re going to learn about in this article are;

  1. The throat exercise that will help you to stop snoring while you’re asleep
  2. The tennis ball trick that halt snoring
  3. The bedtime remedies to halt snoring at night
  4. Changes of lifestyle
  5. Medical treatment approach

Each of the above listed approaches is covered with few details in the text below.

The Throat Exercise

In the throat exercise, you’re going to repeatedly pronounce the vowel sound (a-e-i-o-u) each day for at least 30 minutes couple with other activities. The aim of this exercise is to strengthen the muscle found in the upper respiratory tract which will help you minimize snoring. In this exercise, you’re going to start it slow and gradually increase it so as to get the maximum benefits of it. So, follow the exercise step by step as highlighted below

  1. What you need to do first is to repeat the vowel sound (a-e-i-o-u) aloud for good 3 minutes some few days.
  2. Bring out the tip of your tongue and place it behind your front teeth, and then slide your tongue backward, allowing it to pass the roof of your teeth (palate) for three minutes.
  3. Now close your mouth with your lip sealed and hold it for thirty seconds
  4. Now open your mouth and move your jaw to the left and holds for 30 second, do the same thing to the right.
  5. With your mouth still open, you now need to contract the muscle at the back of your throat repetitively for 30 seconds. You can take a look at the mirror as you’re doing this exercise and you’ll see the hanging ball called ovula moving up and down

The Tennis Ball Trick That Halt Snoring

This approach is most time applied for those that when they sleep on their back can’t avoid snoring at night. Attach tennis ball at the back of your night wear (pyjama or shirt) top. You can sew or office pin a sock at top of your pyjamas and put a tennis ball in the sock. Whenever you’re sleeping and you lie with your back, the tennis ball gets uncomfortable and it will make you respond when that happen by turning on your side.

When this is done over some time, you’ll master how to always sleep by the side instead of sleeping on your back that’s causing you to snore.

The Bedtime Remedies to Halt Snoring At Night

Here, what you need to do is to avoid taking caffeine and heavy meal when your bedtime is approaching. Use humidifier to keep your room air moist, dry air can cause irritation for the membrane on your throat and nose, this will encourage snoring. But when you room is air moist, the possibility of dry air causing such irritation is eliminated thereby prevent the likelihood to snore

Changes of Lifestyle

Some of this lifestyle changes approach has been mention in the last post but here are some other things you need to work on. Ensure you do some exercises; avoid being overweight, stop smoking, avoid sleeping pill, alcohol, sedative and; ensure you establish a regular sleeping patterns.

Medical Treatment Approach

Sometimes, snoring can be a very big sign for serious health problem. If you have practice the above tactics and they are not working for you, it is time to go see a doctor. You’ll be examine for the possible cause of snoring, you may sometimes be referred to otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat doctor, otherwise known as an ENT), and sometimes too, you may be referred to a specialist dentist who will use certain devices like; Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP); Dental appliances, oral devices, and lower jaw-positioners; Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) and somnoplasty remove parts of the soft palate to reduce snoring using lasers or radiofrequency signals. All of these are to help you find out the possible solution to your snoring problem.

If you have practice any of these approach in the past to stop snoring, I’ll love to hear from your experience and if you have some other things you want us to take, please you use the comment form below for your suggestion, questions, and comment.

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