What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

There so many things about you that subconsciously giving away some certain information about you to people around you without you knowing. Just like the body language that sends so many signals out without your knowledge. The ways you sleep also reflect some relationship attitude of yours to the people around you and to your partner in relationship.

Sleeping Position Says About Your RelationshipSo, what does your sleeping position says about your relationship? Have you taken some time to observe your sleeping pattern or style? Whether you have done that before or not, you’re going to learn and find out your sleeping pattern and how it tells the way you will behave in your relationship. [You can also read this; 3 Tips to help you with a good night sleep]

According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, there are six common sleeping positions or pattern or style and each of the sleeping position has their particular personality type.

One fact remains that we do not maintain one sleeping position throughout the night; we often change position for at least 2 to 3 times within an hour while we sleep, but we spent most time in the pattern we start sleeping off or the position at which we started sleeping.

Here are the six sleeping position that says much about your relationship

  1. Foetus

  2. Fog

  3. Starfish

  4. Freefall

  5. Soldier

  6. Yearner

More detail about each of these sleeping positions is being discussed below:

1. Foetus: This is the most preferred sleeping position for most people and it’s a sleeping pattern that has the characteristic of the womb position. It’s a sleeping style the you curled on your side and your knee bent, it happens that most women love this sleeping pattern. What does this sleeping position says about your personality and your relationship? People who sleep in this position tend to be tough on the outside but are very sensitive at heart. Foetus sleeping people tend to be shy in dating but when they eventually get into the relationship, they get relax.

2. Fog: These are people who lie on their side without any form of curling up, just straight up like that in a sideway. This kind of people are easy going and are sociable in nature, they easily mingle with people. They can form great partner because they don’t bottle up feelings and they can easily go on well with your family and friends. But one thing could be your concern, the fact that they easily get on with anybody can leave you in a state of insecurity feeling.

3. Starfish: Are people who sleep on their back with arm up around the pillow; they are found not to be selfish and are good listeners. They are more likely to snore, after all nobody is perfect, and they form excellent partners: attentive, intuitive and always ready to offer help when needed. If you sleep with a starfish, count your blessings and buy some earplugs, lol.

4. Feefall: It is a sleeping pattern in which you lie on your front with your head turn sideway and your hand around the pillow. These set of people are often nervy and they don’t take well to criticism. They are stubborn and charismatic in nature, are bit of a handful and possibly the dominant partner in your relationship. Life with a freefall sleeper is unlikely to be boring.

5. Soldier: It’s a sleeping pattern that requires you lying on your back with your hand by the side, they end up snoring when sleeping because of the position they adopt. The snoring habit has no effect on them but whoever is sleeping next to them may not find it comfortable. However, when they are awake, they tend to be quiet and reserved. Good thing about this sleeping position though, is that the people who adopt it set good standards for themselves and others, another positive side to the sleeping style is that, they will treat you and the relationship with respect.

6. Yearner: Sleepers who lie on their side with their arms out in front are apparently most likely to have thoughtful, committed personalities. Yearners may seem noncommittal at first, which can make them infuriating to date. But they’re not sending mixed signals, they’re simply wary of rushing into anything. They make excellent long-term partners, because once they’ve made a commitment they stick to it. It just takes them a while to get there!

These are what your sleeping position says about your relationship and now that you know, what is your own sleeping position? If you’ve not studied yourself before now, try and observe it tonight and every other night, the pattern or style of your sleeping.

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