7 Important Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

I’ll probably get a lot of bashing from several friends when they read this. ‘Can there be reasons why sleeping nake.d is good for anybody?!!’ They’d ask with incredulity blasting out of every pore of their skin.

why sleeping naked

Take Tonia for instance. We used to have a thing for each other until distance and some smart dude decided he wanted to make her his significant other.

Tonia was such a prude the only times she saw herself without clothes was in the bathroom when she was taking her bath. The idea of starring at herself nake.d in front of a full length mirror in her room was a non-starter.

Now, imagine telling a girl like that there are very cool reasons why sleeping nake.d the whole night could be very beneficial to her health.

Most times we bother to sleep nake.d because the humid tropical heat forces us to. What about in ambient temperature? Going to bed in pajamas is common practice.

If you read about why an orthopedic mattress is good for you, then why not get the full benefits of that wise decision of buying the mattress by sleeping nake.d?

Read on to see reasons why sleeping nake.d is a very wise lifestyle choice.

Less Stress

why sleeping naked

Let’s start with the obvious. Sleeping nake.d means you don’t have to bother about putting on your sleeping clothes. And if that becomes your habit, I guess it would save you a fair bit of money in buying sleeping clothes, aka pajamas.

Feel the Freedom

Just imagine the feeling of having nothing on your skin. It is just you, your nake.d skin and the sheets. Sheer freedom!

For the ladies, this is one time you can do away with that bra and its vice grip on your boobs. For the dudes, that is like doing away with the boxers or underpants that imprisoned your privates all day long.

Intimacy with partner

why sleeping naked

Married people or couples who live together would appreciate this as one good reason why sleeping nake.d is very beneficial.

If you are both nake.d, skin-to-skin contact would definitely increase the chances of intimacy for you guys.

This leads the body to produce large amounts of oxytocin, also known as the happy hormone because it presence in the body generates a feel-good mood in us.

Your skin

why sleeping naked

This is one benefit why sleeping nake.d cannot be disputed. Generally the skin needs to breathe. That is why certain fabrics are better than others in keeping the skin in top condition.

The best way to get the skin to breathe is if you have no clothes. And obviously, the best time you’d do that is at night when you want to sleep.

Allowing the skin to breathe helps in lowering the risk of skin diseases

Healthier reproductive organs

What most people don’t know is that cooler temperatures are best for the reproductive organs.

Sleeping nake.d at night ensures that your s.ex organs are released from the fabrics covering them thereby lowering the temperature in that region.

For men, lower temperatures are good for the production and storage of sp.erms. While in women, sleeping without clothes prevents the growth of yeast in the vagi.na due to the cooler air the vagi.na is exposed to.

Important hormones


The first important hormone that can benefit from sleeping nake.d is cortisol. When you sleep nake.d, cortisol production is regulated properly. Too much cortisol is produced when the temperature of the body is high.

Adverse effects of cortisol include hunger for junk food with the attendant consequences like weight gain and obesity.

Melatonin and growth hormones

why sleeping naked

Sleeping nake.d keeps the body temperature low enough, so that the body can produce and regulate Melatonin and growth hormones.

Melatonin is useful in slowing down the aging process, while growth hormones are needed for proper development of the body.

So the hormonal benefits should be reason enough why sleeping nake.d is good for you.

Better Sleep

This had to be the last. Naturally when you aggregate all the reasons why sleeping nake.d could be the best decision you took in a while, the bottom line is, you get to sleep better. Right?

You bet. Even the fact you don’t have to keep adjusting your clothes at night while sleeping is reason enough that you’d have a blissful night sleep.

Are you still skeptical about why sleeping nake.d is good for your health? Perhaps you need to hear it from somebody else? So, if you are reading this and sleeping nake.d has really helped you, please help the doubters. Use the comment section to tell them why sleeping nake.d is a darn good idea.

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