7 Reasons People Who Stay Single Longer Handle Relationships Better

People who stay single longer are usually under a lot of pressure to get hitched-up with a partner or do something to change their single status. That pressure is even more if you are a girl determined to live the single life for as long as possible.

stay single longer

There are several reasons why some prefer to stay single longer than their peers or friends. For a man, it could be because the financial obligations don’t add up, while for a woman, it could be because men don’t just find her attractive.

Whatever the reason, this piece is referring to people who actually made a conscious decision to stay single longer. And for those who are in between relationships, this write-up is an appeal to you not to rush into a new relationship.

Just sit back, relax and read up the reasons why people who stay single longer can handle affairs better when they finally decide to go into one.

You are not prepared

stay single longer

Yes, on the outside you may seem all ready to go, but what your head is telling you is more important than the pressure from family and friends.

It is perfectly okay to follow your head over your heart. It is more important for your happiness to hold back and stay single longer than to be badgered into a relationship.

The downside of that are too numerous. The least of which is you could find yourself in the sort of relationship toxic to your long term health.

The right person hasn’t shown up

stay single longer

Though there is no single person that would tick all the boxes of what you need in the right partner, it is also right to listen to your heart if it is telling you to wait a little longer for the right person to come along.

This life is filled with the debris of broken dreams from people who rushed into a relationship with somebody for flimsy reasons.

You’ll learn being independent

stay single longer

If you chose to stay single longer than people expect, you’d discover that one of the benefits is you would learn how to be independent.

This mostly applies to the ladies. Many of them never had the chance to live alone or be independent for any extended period.

They seamlessly exchange their parent’s protection for that of a man when they are old enough to date. And they remain like that until they get married.

Ladies like that have never learnt to do things for themselves. So they depend on their partners for every little thing. This can be a source of irritation to your significant other.

Discover the real you when you stay single longer

stay single longer

Been alone means that you have time to think about yourself without a partner as a factor in your day-to-day decisions.

That way, you’d get to know the things you really need in life and what you expect from life. Been alone is basically a journey of self-discovery.

By the time you decide not to be single, you know exactly who you are, what you expect from life and how you want your new partner to comport themselves around you.

You know what belongs to the waste bin

stay single longer

Another benefit from choosing to stay single longer is you get to realize the things you really need in this life to be happy.

Since you are not bogged down by the demands of another unpredictable partner, you are solely focused in satisfying yourself alone.

That way, you know the things that can make a difference in your life and the things that are just plain rubbish. Excess baggage that deserve nothing but the waste bin.

Of course, any unsuitable partner can also end up in your waste bin. That is the confident, independent you making choices for a happy future.

Higher chance of success in relationship

stay single longer

Because you’ve had time to stay single longer, when you finally decide to resume dating (or to start dating for the first time), you chances of success are higher because you are mentally prepared.

There is a serious link between emotional preparedness and been mentally ready. And mentally prepared is what you are from all the time you were single and thinking about your life.

The point is, staying single longer has the added benefit of preparing you for the emotional roller coaster that comes with every relationship.

You’d had the chance to get over the past

stay single longer

Staying single longer would give you enough chance to resolve all lingering issues from your previous relationships.

This specifically refers to those who just had a break up.

It is never good to rush back into a new relationship soon after breaking up. You need time to think about your ex and what led to the break up.

You might even need time to decide if you want to hook up with your ex again.

These are not the sort of issues you want to take into your new relationship or you might find yourself confused about what you really want going forward.

Have you been in a situation where you had to stay single longer? How did you handle the pressure from those around you? And what we’re you reasons for choosing to stay single longer?

Please tell us in the comments section below. Or you can head over to our Facebook page or Twitter handle to do same. Cheers.

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