5 Good Reasons To Buy An Orthopedic Mattress

My first contact with an orthopedic mattress was on a visit to a friend’s house. Seeing his inviting king size bed, I promptly leapt on it. Oops! It wasn’t the soft landing I expected. The bed was hard. It did not yield an inch to my weight. Falling so hard on it felt like slamming on a soft stone. It jarred the bones in my body. Welcome to the world of the orthopedic mattress.

I got to understand from my friend that since he bought the mattress, all sorts of muscular pains were now  history in his life. I asked around and discovered to my external shame that this mattresses have being around for quite some time. And to rub salt to my ignorance, doctors highly recommend it.

Here are five good reasons why you should dump your soft mattress and opt for an orthopedic mattress. And don’t be selfish about it, you should get it for your family too.

You Would Sleep Better

Because the mattress does not yield to your weight, your joints and back are invariably supported properly. Sleep experts have researched this and concluded that we sleep well when our joints and back are not disjointed; something that normally occurs when we lie on soft beds. The immediate benefit is a long and restful sleep for you, especially if you usually find it difficult to sleep at night.

Improved Posture

Sleeping on hard beds could be one of the reasons military men have this erect posture. Since sleeping on an orthopedic mattress supports your back properly, your spine also gets the benefit because you don’t have to strain your neck or back while sleeping, unlike mattresses of the soft variety. Your posture would definitely improve after some time. You can bet on that.

It is Economical

OK, orthopedic mattresses are actually more expensive than the regular ones. But that is just the initial investment. In the long run, you are actually spending less because even after years of usage, they are still in tip-top condition. You discover there won’t be any need to regularly replace mattresses, saving you money and a bit of stress too.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Research has shown that about 60% of adults and a significant number of kids experience one form of back pain or the other. Orthopedic mattress are very good in relieving those back pains and aches. They are called orthopedic mattress for a good reason you know. Here is what most people don’t know ( including me until recently), most cases of back pains and aches are caused by prolonged use of poor mattresses. You can save yourself a lot of medical bills by just buying a proper orthopedic mattress. See, I told you it is economical in the long run.

Excellent for Couples

For couples, this is a sure way to stop your partner unconsciously rolling over to your side of the bed to disrupt your beauty sleep. The ‘anti-rolling’ effect of the orthopedic mattress ensures that when your partner moves around to a more comfortable position, the movement would not be transmitted to your side of the bed invariably disturbing your night bliss. So you can be having a restless night without waking up your better half who probably needs tons of rest.

Like I earlier mentioned, if you make a decision to replace your mattress ( and I don’t see why not), do put the rest of your family into your plans. The benefits of the mattress are not restricted to adults alone. Even young kids can have the quality of their lives improved immeasurably by just getting the best memory form mattress. As for me, I have started saving to get one before the year runs out and the buyer guide right here can help you make the right choice.

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