6 Reasons Saturday Is The Best day Of The Week

I absolutely love Saturdays. Okay, that is stating the obvious if you paid attention to the title of this piece. But what is not obvious are the reasons I know Saturday is the best day of the week.


Saturday is the best day

I know many would plunk their money and right arm on Friday. They would say there is a reason why the phrase, ‘Thank God it’s Friday‘ (also known as TGIF) was coined.

For this people, I gently remind them TGIF is like a prayer for what is to come. A sigh of relief that a hectic work week would soon be over and all one had to do is bear it for a few more hours. It is a prayer you survived another week and are about to get your reward in the best day of the week, Saturday.


Need I say more? Apparently. It is clear there are too many doubters in the house that need to be convinced that Saturday is the best day of the week.

For starters, this is not a Saturday vs Friday or Saturday vs Sunday or even Saturday vs any other day argument. This is just about Saturday, standing tall, apart from the pack, knowing it is the undisputed king of the week.

Wake up late, sleep late

Saturday is the best dayThat is an unbeatable combination for all hardworking men and women. That is the essence of a real break. A real holiday.

Just knowing that you don’t have to wake early pumps so much happy hormones into your system. What about at the other end of the day? You know you can stay up as late as possible. Tomorrow is just Sunday after all.

So you can afford to skip church, go late and better still, if you are not into church….let’s just put it this way, Saturday is the day you get to really get acquainted with your awesome mattress.

Anything is possible

On Saturdays, the possibilities are so endless. You can literary do whatever you want to do. That is why you can enjoy your sleep for as long as you want if that is what you want to do.

Or, you can sit down on your balcony and watch the neighbors walk pass while exchanging greetings with the ones you like.

What you do or don’t do on Saturday is limited only by your creativity. Saturday is the day to really shake those brain cells and see how creative you can get in coming up with new things to do.

But remember, one awesome reason Saturday is the best day is that you don’t have to do anything. So don’t force your creative cells if you don’t feel like it. You can do that on a boring day like Tuesday or Thursday.

You don’t have to dress up

Saturday is the best dayThere is this silly practice that Fridays are dress down days. The day you can come to work wearing your casual clothes.

What a joke. Can you wear your house slippers to work? Or your pajamas? Saturday is the definition of casual.

Even though I am a strong advocate of sleeping naked so you can save money on pajamas, you can find use for them on Saturdays. This is one day you can spend the whole day in your pajamas, boxers or those comfy sleeping robes.

Nobody would think you are nuts. After all, Saturday is the best day when you can do just about anything. Or nothing. Or just show them what casual dressing really is.

Tired of taking a bath?

I can’t count the number of times I canceled Saturday showers. It is absolutely unnecessary if I don’t have to do anything.

My routine is like this: wake up and just lie on my back starring at the ceiling. At about 10am, I stroll to the bathroom to do one of the most important chores of the morning, brush my teeth.

Then, it is a 50/50 toss whether I go back to bed or head to the sitting room. Bathing is never ever a factor; unless there is a wedding or any obligatory social engagement to attend.

Friends and Family

This is the day you absolutely have to spend with friends and family. You could be bored with doing nothing. And you want to go out; then you have the whole day to visit friends and families.

These are important people in our lives that too much work during the week prevented us from seeing. Again, Saturday is here to rescue your social and communal obligations.


Saturday is the best day
Sleepy man watching television

I have friends who spend the whole week saving TV series or movies on their hard drives just waiting to make it to Saturday.

For them, Saturday is binge TV time and nothing can stop them from having the time of their lives.

For me, the football season and Saturdays are one and the same. As a football fanatic, kindly tell me which other day one can spend the whole day watching football? And you presume to tell me Saturday is not the best day of the week? Pleaaaassse!

You still ain’t convinced Saturday is the best day of the week? Why don’t you tell me about yours in the comment section below. Or you can share this among your friends on Facebook or Twitter and see what they think. I bet many would agree with me that Saturday is the best day of the week.


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