What is The Most Important Thing in Relationship?

What is the Most Important Thing in Relationship?

This is the question that is often asked in every love and relationship gathering, forums, group and meetings. A very large population of people actually said it is love; some is trust and to other is humility. But none of the aforementioned attribute above is the most important thing in every relationship. The most important thing in every relationship is …..huh! Did you raise your hand up? Ok tell me, hmnn hmnn amm……???? Ok ok ok, it is not what you think, it is actually COMMUNICATION. Yes you heard me right; communication is the most important things in every relationship.
The Most Important Thing in Relationship

Without communication, no relationship will ever stand, even if there seem to be love, it will falter as times goes on. When I said communication, it is not any type of communication but an effective communication and it is on this that love stand, you cannot love someone and fail to communicate with the person. Immediately there is communication gap in a relationship, just know that, the relationship is gradually heading to the rock.

No wonder lover will want to stay on phone and talk and talk and talk as far as time permit, even if there is any kind of discomfort, they wouldn’t mind. If one party mistakenly cut the call, when next the call is initiated, the first question that will be asked is why did you cut the call? That is why effective communication in very important in every relationship. The level of your communication with any kind of person will determine how important that person is to your life.

You can’t even claim to love God without effective communication with Him, let alone man. If you love me, then we have to communicate well. So, if you have not been communicating well with your partner? Just try and give it a try, you will be surprised on how deeper your love with your significant other will goes. If you are having trouble in your marriage, it is because of communication gap in between both of you, try to look for a medium where you can communicate and make sure you communicate well, in no time the problem will be over.

What did you think? Did you think there is another thing that is much more important in relationship than effective communication? Please share your thought using the form below and let every other people reading this article learn something today from you. I will be glad to hear from you. Don’t forget to click on the Facebook Like below if you enjoy this article today.

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20 thoughts on “What is The Most Important Thing in Relationship?”

  1. I have a guy we have dated for 6yrs,he has being gud to me & he promised marriage from day one bt he has noting doing & dis yr i told him i dt need sex again until i got married he aspected bt his cals reduced & he did’nt invite me to his house anymore for abt 2 mnths nw.p/z what does dt mean?

    1. You’ve dated him for 6 good years and during this period, you have been sleeping with one another, but now you don’t want sex anymore until you get married.
      There’s something you need to understand here, once you’re in a relationship and you have started having sex, it is very difficult to stop, it is better you never start it initially.
      For you to put an end to it now, it’s never going to go well with him, except you sit him down to let him see reason why you want it this way.
      I think both of you should sit down to discuss this matter, I’m sure a lot of thing would have gone underneath within this 6 years of relationship and by now, both of you should have understand yourself better.
      I just hope, your guy is not hanging in there all these while just because of sex and now that, you don’t want sex until you get married, he starts to distance himself from you.
      I think you don’t even need invitation to his house if you have been having it real good for six years.
      You just need to tell me you’re coming or even going there when you know he will be around without informing him. If he has no hidden agenda, he should always welcome you to his house whenever you visit.

      Get him to talk with you and discuss this issue at length.
      Wish you good-luck.

  2. Honestly ur post is intersting, bt I hav a question. there is d guy I started dating not quite long, he does nt talk much and his bn honest to some extent bt d issue I hav wit him his dat am scared to love him cos he does less of talking to me and I call him most of d time. he seems invisible to me. I need an advise cos I dnt want to turn out been d nagging type that complain he does nt call. pls reply me on my mail

    1. YOu’ve got to wait on him, don’t be too forward about.
      Please try and take your time about it, relationship with person like this takes special attention and observance from you.
      You’re free to let him know how you feel about it though.

  3. I have been datin my guy nw is a year nd half bt i am nt used 2 him much bcuz afta a month we meet we did nt stay in d same state again,he use 2 complain abt me of keepin quite if we meet nd he has changed hw he use 2 behave of resent we meet last pls i need ur advise

    1. Try and engage him with talk about himself, the surrounding, the government or politics, sports and anything other talk or discussion you can use to engage him.

  4. i’ve been in a relationship for two years nw, bt my guy never demand for sex. the last time he came to my place, he demanded for sex bt I could nt give him, nd I told him I would prefer him to finger me Dan having sex with me, which he did. after that he said to me dat I accept fingering bt nt sex, and dat I claimed to b a virgin. d next thing was dat he broke up with me..what can I do?

  5. pls, I love did girl and we have been dating for likes some months now, but one of d suddenly she just send me massage dat she is no more interested again . see have been begging her for like six month but she said no and she use to tell my frnd dat she loves me, but I did not beg her

    1. Another guy has probably taken over.

      You need to learn from the little time you’ve spent together and make amendment if there’s anywhere you felt their is a shortcomings. Move ahead and start another relationship since, she said, she is no longer interested.

  6. dere is a new guy am dating now….he sed he loves me,but I really don’t kno if he is serious abt it…I don’t want to get hurt again…I notice one thing abt him…it is very hard for him to call me…we only communicate once..though we use to chat..buh I how can I kno he loves me…..coz,I asked alot of people about him….dey said he doesn’t talk dat much….pls wot should I do??

    1. Yes of course, it maybe a person that talk little, but should not make him hide away from calling you.
      Even if he charts with you, it cannot be the same thing with hearing his voice and him too, hearing your voice.

      Just do the necessary assignment about him before committing fully to the relationship.

  7. I love my boyfriend so much…but people used to tell me DAT he has some one DAT he is dating apart from me..and if I ask him he would deny it..what should I do

    1. Continue to show him love until you catch him red handed by yourself.
      You can even warn him, that, the day you rumor becomes true, that’s the end of the relationship.

  8. I love my boyfriend and he loves me too, buh we are in long distance relationship dat we might no evrn see each other for a year nd we hace been dating for over 4 years now, he do call me constantly buh he dnt like gisting me and wen ever am angry he will say sorry buh immediately after sum minutes he will look for some things dat will make me hurt him too so dat i can say sorry… we can fight 4 times in a week buh he will call me and ask how am doing… . pls what can I do?

    1. Your question didn’t show if there’s something wrong in your relationship. You can have to understand each other, though 4 years is good enough to know your guy to some extent.

  9. I love my boyfriend though it’s a distance relationship we met in school after our graduation we continue Dating that made it distance. But I really don’t understand him anymore unlike him before he can’t stay a day without hearing my voice. We communicate everyday but now nothing like dat anymore no more communication. Even when i call is either he is busy or something else. M confuse don’t know what’s wrong. Pls what should I do.

    1. He has probably move on with his life.
      Out of sight is out of mind is what is happening here.

      You have to call him and demand to know what’s happening.

      If he’s not interested in the relationship anymore, he should open up for you and not keep you in the dark.

  10. my dating and I met a lady whom l love most I proposed to her that am interest with her and she didn’t say anything. I thought she agreed with me .And the next day I call her that I want to come and pay her visit to her place and told me that no problem I should come I want to her place .l call her I was standing in front of her House waiting for her I stood there about an hour she didn’t come and I repeat call her and pick the call and she told me she is on her way coming.immediately she came we didn’t get about five minutes and had a call instead for her to the person she had a visitor she didn’t tell that person and kept me waiting for her for one hour .After she finish making her call and she told me she go and sleep I told her to go. I want home and I said let me call her to wish her sound sleep I call her three times she didn’t pick up and the forth times I call and it was call waiting sometimes if I call her she don’t want to pick my calls but I still love her what should I do

  11. am dating a guy and i love him but there is a misunderstanding which i was faulty and i beg him but he did nt used to call me as usual

  12. am dating a lady,I sincerely love her and she love me too.she is my town girl but right nw am not in d same state with her beside,I really want to Mary her but she said we should date for 6yrs before I can Mary her just be she is still in secondary skul and she want to still further. pls I need advice on what to do in order for me to Mary her .

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