How You Can Tell If Your Ex Girlfriend Still Wants You

How You Can Tell If Your Ex Girlfriend Still Wants You

One of the most depressing and painful things anybody can go through is a break up. There is nothing worse than breaking someone’s heart or getting your own heart broken. One of the toughest things to deal with is constantly wondering if your ex still has feelings for you.

Your Ex Girlfriend Still Wants YouIt is normal to wonder if your ex still has feelings for you, especially if you want to know if you are the only one hurting inside. If you want to know if your ex is thinking about you just as much as you’re thinking about them these are the signs you need to be looking for.

She’s Being Secretive

If your ex is broadcasting her new relationship to the world then chances are she isn’t thinking about you too much. On the other hand, if your ex tries her hardest to keep any new relationship discreet then she most likely is still very much in love with you.

The only reason she would try to keep a new relationship with someone discreet is because she still wants to have a chance to get back with you and doesn’t want to ruin her chances by letting you see her in public with another guy.

She Constantly Calls You

If your ex keeps calling you for no reason at all this is a good sign that she still has feelings for you. This is a dead give away that she still wants to be with you because there would be no other reason she wants to keep calling you, even when she doesn’t have anything say at all. If you start seeing meaningless calls from your ex it is dead giveaway she’s still thinking about you and misses you a lot.

Check Your Social Media Accounts

These days everybody shares what they are doing on a daily basis to the online world. If you have a social media account like Twitter or Facebook where you update your status daily you should check it to see if your ex has interacted with you on your page.

If she has liked any of your photos, commented on your status, or shown any kind of interaction with your profile on one or more of these social media accounts she is definitely still thinking about you. There would be no other reason for her to be on your page looking at pictures and seeing what you’re up to if she doesn’t still have good feelings for you.

If you have access to her social media account look for signs on her page as well.  See if she’s posting love quotes on her social media page that seems to do a lot with what the both of you have been going through.

Your ex will probably know you are going to be checking out her social media pages so she’ll probably try to be discreet while saying how she feels about you. You have to be careful with checking out her social media accounts as this can get really addictive.

She Is Always Asking About You

If your ex is still thinking about you then it wouldn’t be surprising that she is constantly asking mutual friends about you. If you hear from a common friend that your ex has been asking about you and showing some interest in your personal life you know she still has a lot of love for you and probably wants you back.

Look Out For Coincident

Do you often bump into your ex when you least expect it? Chances are this isn’t a coincident, but something that was planned way ahead in advance. You probably have a mutual friend that goes back and tells her where you are going to be and when.

If you feel like you have been running into your ex a lots lately then chances are she wants to see you without making it seem like she wants you back. She is probably worried you might not want to see her after the break up so she makes sure she runs into you every chance she gets by making you think it was an accident.

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