How to Gain Back Trust in a Relationship

Susan was worried because she kept something away from her boyfriend and he had just found out about it. And to make matters worse, she lied about the reason she did it and he did not believe her.

What was she to do? How will she be able to gain back his trust? Will he still love her as much after what she had done?

These are questions we sometimes ask ourselves when we hurt the one we love and when you lose the trust of a loved one, it can sometimes be hard to gain it back. At times, you wonder why someone you love so much should betray you either by keeping things away from you or hurting you emotionally.

Some things done can be really hurtful and painful and sometimes hard to let go so what are those things you can do so that your partner can trust you again?

If you have ever defaulted in this way in your relationship, how easy will it be for your partner to gain back trust in you?

Trust can be recovered and you will discover some ways you can gain back trust in your relationship.

Be truthful:

In as much as you have hurt your partner by making him or her lose trust in you; it can be much worse if you tell more lies to cover the truth.

The best you can do to gain back trust is to be honest about what really happened. Why tell more lies? He or she already knows you have done something wrong so why not come out with the truth?

If your partner finds out that you are being honest about the situation, he or she will find it easy to forgive you.

Explain why you did it:

How to Gain Back Trust in a Relationship

If your partner lacks trust in you because of something you did; you may have to explain the reason you did it in order to clear the air.

Your partner will be angry with you but you have to voice it out so your conscience is clear and so he or she understands the logic behind your action.

Your reason might not be reasonable and might not be what he or she wants to hear but saying it will make your partner think about it.

You will only make things worse if he or she does not know why you acted that way.

Be open:

You need to be as open as a book and the way books are easily read so also your partner ought to be able to read you like that.

This is for transparency sake so your partner believes that you are not keeping things away from them and do this at least till he or she mellows.

Being open does not make you look foolish; it only makes you build trust in the mind of your partner.

How can you be open? By telling him or her about everything you want to do and generally keeping him or her informed of your dealings.

Ask for forgiveness:

Some people do not like hearing the words “I am sorry” because they feel that even if you say those words, you might still do it again.

As long as you offended your partner, you should apologise and make an effort to stay true to it.

To gain back trust in your relationship, ensure your actions speak for you so that your partner sees that you can be trusted.

Seek advice:

How to Gain Back Trust in a Relationship

If you want your partner to trust you again; seek his or her advice on issues before coming to a conclusion.

This is a way to show your partner that you do not want to keep things away from him or her and if you do this consistently, he or she will once again trust you.

You can gain back trust in your relationship if you stick to the few tips in this article.

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