Happy couples habit You Need to Learn Today

Happy couples habit You Need to Learn Today

Happiness is a state of mind and it can only apply to a single person at a time. Two different people can be happy but not at the same degree except they work it out. It is a personal thing which must be embraced by all and it is only when one is happy that will be able to make another one happy. In a relationship where man and woman come together to live their live as one, happiness must be built together, it is no longer, a man or woman personal state of mind but the collective state of mind of both parties as a couple.

Happy couples habit You Need to LearnAs a couple, what does it take to be happy in a relationship? The following habits that happy couples have are what you need in your relationship to be happy. So, if you’re working to improve your relationship and marriage life, look no further as you will learn now what happy couples do that make them enjoy their stay together as one family. [Also read: Free Ebook Download of 69 Ways To Keep Your Man And Make Him Happy]

1. Every happy couple walks side by side & hand in hand: You can never see happy couple walking behind or in front of each other except if the road is tight and again even if the road is tight, they still hold hands together as they walk along. That is the hallmark of a happy couple, no trying to drag or staying lag from their partner. It is all side by side and hand in hand.

2. When it is bed time, they both go to bed the same time: Happy couples don’t go to bed separate time; they wait for each other and ensure both of them go to bed the same time. It is a reminder of the great love they share and at bed time, it feels cool when the two flesh touches to one another.  When the relationship first started, bed time is always on their mind and can’t wait for that time when they will do their thing together.

3. Trusting and forgiving one another comes naturally: No matter how their days went wrong, it may be that both of them argue on certain thing and can’t be able to resolve it at the time when the argument came up,  forgiving and trusting one another is the mode they switch on naturally without any form of distrusting and begrudging. They are aware of it need to move on happily in their relationship life.

4. They don’t dwell on the wrong side of their partner behaviour: The secret to all successful and happy couples is to never dwell on the wrong side of their partner. The fact remain that everyone has off days and also everyone has one area in his or her life that he/she does not like and that is because we are human and not God which is the perfect. Taking your eyes off your partner wrong doing and lay more emphasis on the positive side of his or her life is the bedrock of happiness in the family. It is not to say, when one of the couple is wrong, it will be totally ignore, no, the wrong part will be sorted out amicably and let it go forever. [Also read; Some Little Secrets for a Happy Relationship]

5.  They are very happy as well as proud of being seen with their partner: When you see couples that always walk together feeling happy, holding hand, hand in back, shoulder or knee, you need no one to tell you that they are happy couples, it is not a sign of show-off but it is a sign to show you that they belong to each other.

6. The word good night is a must said every night, no matter how the day went: When is it time to sleep, happy couples don’t forget to tell one another good night. No matter what happen in the house prior to bed time, the word good night must surely comes out before they sleep.

7. Their morning always come first with good morning and have a nice day:  After the night comes the morning, the very first word that they speak is always good morning, no matter what any of them may have been thinking over the night, or probably one of the them have woken up before the other person. They must first welcome each other into the new day with good morning. When it is time to go out for work, have a nice day is another great word happy couples do say.

8. Happy couple calls to know how one another are doing during work time:  Call your partner at home or at work to see how his or her day is going. This is a great way to adjust expectations so that you’re more in sync when you connect after work. For instance, if your partner is having an awful day, it might be unreasonable to expect him or her to be enthusiastic about something good that happened to you. [Also read; How To Be Happy; Top 8 Rules To Happiness]

Learn these habits of happy couples and you would be better for it. It doesn’t take anything away from you instead it add great value to your marital life. Habit is something you can cultivate and make it part of your life. It take only 21 days to learn new habit and once you’re able to carry it out for these 21 days, it will become part of you forever except if you decided to leave it.

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