Body Language 101; How to Successfully Use Body Language for Flirting

Body Language 101; How to Successfully Use Them for Flirting

Oh yes, there has been several places where body language are mention especially when it comes to using it to flirt with anyone you desire, but none of them is comprehensive enough.

This week, I will begin to take each of those parts that are the most necessary body language to use for flirting.

Use Body Language for Flirting I have tried explaining some of the body parts you can use to flirt successfully with any man or woman to individual who has been asking me questions through my contact email, especially those that have subscribe freely with my Free Relationship News Letter at the sidebar.

But the questions just keep coming every day from different people, so I have decided to put a comprehensive details about it here, so that everyone who want to learn how to use any of the body part (body language) to successfully flirt with woman or man can always come here and read them up.

The body parts that are the most important ones to successfully flirt with anyone, which I will be discussing about one after the other in each of the day are;

Once you’re able to master these body parts to successfully use them to speak the body language, you will always find it easy to flirt with anyone and even create a very good rapport with anyone you so much desire.

By the way……

What is body language, how does it sound in your ear and what kind of feelings do you felt when you hear someone mentioning body language? [Please Read; How to read women body language]

Well, body language is just a mean of communication that passes important messages across to whoever understands the language. The signal it passes is nonverbal and it passes it across effectively much more than spoken words. The fact remain that, when you’re trying to talk to somebody, the words you’re speaking from your mouth carries lesser power to body language in term of communication deliverability.

Here is just the statistic…..

The words you speak deliver only 7% total communication

Your vocal signal deliver 38% of total communication and

Your body language delivers 55% of the total communication.

As you can see now for yourself, body language is very powerful in term of passing information especially through effective communication, and that is why it is very important you understand how to use body language to communicate and flirt with the opposite sex.

So, expect to read the most comprehensive flirting through body language as I take them one after the other each day. Don’t forget to share this introduction to body language 101 and how to use body language to flirt with anyone you so much desire, using any of the social media icons below.

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