Don’t Get Stuck In Friend Zone If You Want Relationship

Don’t Get Stuck In Friend Zone If You Want Relationship

Is it possible for man and woman to just be friend without any string attached? Why sometimes it is possible, oftentimes there is something at the end of it all. Why should I approach you of opposite sex just for friendship sake and get satisfied with that? It may want to sound funny but the fact still remain that psychologically; a man and woman will only get to be friend when they feel some kind of connection between them. That connection is the attraction of the opposite sex that doesn’t happen with same sex.

Don’t Get Stuck In Friend Zone If You Want RelationshipLots of guys and ladies has fallen victim of this let just be friend and what amaze me the most is that, many get stuck in that friend zone without making any progress on how to get out of it. Their initial intention was never to just be friend but here is where they find themselves.

I want you to know now that you can turn your friendship into relationship if you so much desire. You see, if you take Dating and Relationships to be a city, and then be rests assure that Friend Zone will definitely be their neighborhood. This neighborhood is where everyone would want to avoid. Why would everyone want to avoid their neighborhood? It is because it’s just the gigantic wasteland where two people get along, and one person sees potential for something more but the second person don’t even reason that way, they only sees you as nothing more than a buddy or paddy (I wonder who will want to be paddy for jungle anymore in this era).

Now don’t stuck in there, make a move. Are you ready to get out of friend zone with a woman you’re attracted to? If you are, then continue to enjoy reading all of this now to quickly get out of that wasteland that’s neighborhood to dating and relationship.

Does she want a boyfriend?

It is important you first of all find out if she wants a boyfriend or she already has one and just want you as friend. The knowledge of this will help you in deciding to move out of the friend zone. There are lots of women out there that are still hanging around trying to pre-screen guys before deciding who they really want to go with. Meanwhile, they will use you to cover up. Not that you’re not attracted to them but they see you as friend they can always fall back to when they need someone to rub off their emotions. Of course, you’ve been placed in the friendship zone which isn’t their fault anyway, you allow yourself to be placed in the zone when you fail to take action when you’re supposed earlier on as you get to know each other. [Read; What you need to do to make her choose you ahead of other guys]

So, find out first if she want boyfriend and begin to walk your way towards being that special someone she’s missing all this while.

Then you need an improve self

You have been so much predictable and it seems there is nothing she doesn’t knows about you, after all you are friend and that gives her the opportunity to see you every day as the same person. For you to move out of the friend zone, you’ll need an improve self to make her sees you differently and someone she will be attracted to and forget all about I just want to be friend talk. Once you know that you’re going to see her or she’s coming to see you, try as much as possible to appear as if you just want to approach a new girl, and you know what that means, looking attracting to make her desire you. Think of other things you need to improve about yourself and do it, sooner you’ll see changes in the way things are turning in your favour.

Up your flirtation

Taking it a step further and moving out of friendship zone will require you improve on your flirtation. Give her the impression that she’s the one that’s starting to win you over. When she does something interesting or something that interest you, tell her “wow” that’ really amazing and that she just getting more interesting presently and keep it there first. Leave her to start thinking about what you mean.

Change the way you interact with her and stop treating her purely as friend; you don’t need to do it suddenly to hit her but gradually. Give her some romantic glances; hold on to her hand longer than the way you use to do before now when you’re about telling her goodbye. Don’t be shy away at all, you know what you want and you need to go for it. Touch her more than you used to ordinarily as friend. Get closer to create that sparks of attraction through skin to skin contact.

Skin to skin contact usually sparks powerful attraction especially when it is someone you have feelings for because it will release that wonderful hormone called oxytocin also known as love hormone. This love hormone as put by psychology today is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role in pair bonding. Prairie voles, one of nature’s most monogamous species, produce oxytocin in spades. This hormone is also greatly stimulated during sex, birth, breast feeding & the list goes on. [Also Read; more helpful way to transform from friendship into love without getting stuck in the friendship zone]

Now over to you, if you have ever been stuck in friendship zone with women before now, how do you manage to pull out of it? Your contribution is highly welcome, please make use of the comment form below for your comment, God bless you.

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    I apprecite your work and the time you spend on helping us. This is wonderful because now I am dating a girl I’ve been looking for, for many years just because of you. Thank you very much

    1. Thanks Goodwill Ralehlaka for the appreciation. I’m happy for you dating the girl you’ve been eyeing for long times now. Thanks once more.

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