Dating Strategies That Wouldn’t hurt you; Low Risk Style of Dating

Starting out a relationship with someone you’ve never met before can be somewhat overwhelm considering the fact that it is a total foreign body from what you use to see around you. Dating at times can be challenging if you don’t have a strategy on how to follow up with whoever you want to date.  Dating Technique that favour partnersDeveloping an idea on how you’re going to carry out your dating plan can help you to actualize your goal in the dating game. But there are 5 categories of potential attachment which you can follow that will put you at no risk or hurt you if your dating eventually work out fine. These five categories must be followed one before the next one else you may get hurt along your relationship pathways.

The Five Strategies Are:

  1. KNOW
  2. TRUST
  3. RELY
  5. TOUCH

1. Know: This one is all about you trying to know your would be partner before moving up to the next strategies along the line. It is important you know the person at least for what he/she really want, likes, and stuff like that.

2. Trust: After knowing the person to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and trust him or her. Trusting here is not putting everything totally on your partner, you know human being at time can be complicated.

3. Rely: you can go ahead here too and rely on your partner if you have trust him enough.

4. Commit: You’ve known, trust, rely and the best next thing to do is to commit yourself to the relationship. Relationship commitment means having a good time to talk and communicate effectively because effective communication is one of the most important things in every successful relationship.

5. Touch: This is the highest level you can reach in every relationship, touching means there is nothing you want to hide from your partner. You should not allow your partner to touch you if you’ve not passed through the other four stage of the low risk strategies of relationship that wouldn’t hurt you.

Remember the rule: Never go higher in one category than you have gone in the category before it. They come in order from first to the fifth! Know before you Trust. Trust before you rely. Rely before you commit. Commit before you allow touching.

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