4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip The Chance To Date Your Sister’s Friend

I think a little confession is in order here. One of the best relationship I had was with my sister’s friend. Those were the best of times. Of course it was awkward at first. Something had to give. At the end, we just threw caution to the wind and took our chances.

sister's friend


I have discovered that girls are not so uptight like we dudes when it comes to dating a sibling’s bestie. As a matter of fact, your sister can be an important cog in the growth  of the affair from the budding stage right up to maturity.

You can call her a midwife of the whole affair if you wish and you won’t be wrong. Having that affair with my sister’s friend seemed inevitable in retrospect. When you are surrounded by beautiful sisters like I was, one of the perks is, you get to meet many pretty girls.

sister's friendIf you are the sociable sort like me, being friendly with them is a no brainer. They are compelled to be nice to their friend’s brother right? However, it is very easy to misread a girls constant smile and sunny disposition when she is with you. As your sister’s friend, perhaps she is just being courteous.

That is why it took me a long time before I decided to bite the bullet and tell lovely Jennifer how I felt about her. It turned out she was waiting for me to finally say the words.

And my sister? She was a bit skeptical at first. But she warmed to the idea later. After all, she knew Jenny was a helluva girl and wanted the best for her brother too.

I have heard tales from mates about how difficult it would be to do something like that successfully. The way I see it, unless your sister is very uptight, there are so many benefits of dating your sister’s friend. Take a look at my reasons why you should date a girl like that.

Perhaps, afterwards, tell me why you think it is not right. On the other hand, you can tell me your experiences with dating your sister’s friend. Was it memorable in a good way? Or you had a rough time? Use the comments box or click the social media icons to take you to our Facebook page or Twitter where we can have a nice chat about the issue.

sister's friendYour Sis Always Got Your Back

Here I am referring to a common situation. You are dating a girl and before you know it, her best friend would try to undermine the affair by making a move on you. Girls do that a lot.

Gosh, I have being in situations where the first time I saw some of my dates’ friend, I smelled trouble. Give it a little time, and before you know it, they are flirting with you and giving you all the signs to come unto them. And we guys are so weak, we fall easily especially if she is a beauty.

However, one thing you are sure of, your own sister will never  entertain that thought. As a matter of fact, she’d make sure no other girl gets any idea about you. And like a proper relationship midwife, she’ll also keep her eyes on her friend to make sure she does not cheat on you.

Your have a Perfect Agony Aunt

Being in the middle of the relationship, she’d always come in handy in times of crisis. Your sister is the kind of person you can easily confide in without fear. Besides, she has most of the inside info about the affair so she’ll know how to advice you properly.

And the fact your girlfriend is her bestie means she knows which or what buttons to press when talking to your girlfriend anytime you mess up. And trust me, we always have a knack of spoiling a good thing.

So your sister is just the perfect agony aunt for both of you. Not some faceless individual hiding behind a keyboard and dishing random advice and hopes one hits the mark.

sister's friendShe Would know if Her Friend is Right for You

That is one place you can never go wrong. That is why you see so many guys happily married to their sister’s friend.

Instinctively, your sister would know if her friend is the proper lady for you. Besides, she can always set her friend right if she noticed something fishy. As her friend, having a heart to heart talk is just part of a normal day in a girl’s life.

So you can be sure that if your sister’s friend has a nasty streak in her or a seedy side to her nature, you sister would never allow that affair to flourish if she can help it. Trust me on that. So always listen to her in this situation.

Your Sister’s Friend is on Familiar Terrain

sister's friendThis is especially true if the affair turns very serious. That initial fear of acceptance by your family is simply absent. Your sister’s friend has being part of the family for some time before you guys started dating.

If she is ok, watch your parents, especially your mother, smile happily to acknowledge what they see as a good thing. Your sister’s friend is practically like a daughter to them. And what better way to keep her in the family than having the beloved son marry her?

So, please tell me how you won’t want to date your sister’s friend if you have the chance? There are drawbacks certainly, but I choose to ignore them after the almighty time I had with Jenny. Yeah, the downsides are inconsequential.

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