7 Signs Your Crush Is playing Games With You: Stop Wasting Your Time!

Nobody likes playing games. And dudes even hate it more if a girl they have real feelings for is toying with them. So how would you know your crush is playing games with you?

your crush is playing games with you

The answer to that question is not so straightforward. There is playing hard to get which can sometimes be difficult to differentiate from toying with you.

And of course, a perennial flirt often leave us completely flummoxed about their real intentions. Are they giving us the green light? Or they are just teasing us?

No matter what, it all boils to wasting our time. And frankly speaking, it is hard to be patient with a crush if you are not so sure where she stands.

Even worse, if your crush is playing games with you, she can take you on a merry go round that would only leave you feeling very ridiculous.

Nobody likes being made to look foolish. And any self-respecting man takes it very personally.

To avoid that unfortunate scenario, here are some signs to look out for if you think your crush is playing games with you.

1. You always call or text her first

your crush is playing games with you

A girl who is not into you would never bother to make an effort to call you. You would realize quite quickly that you are the one to call or text first.

In the beginning, it might seem normal. After all, it is in the nature of girls to allow the man make the first move. But after you guys have a thing going, or so you think, it should raise some red flags in you that you always initiate contact.

This is unfair to your feelings. You better start thinking hard of changing the situation.

2. It takes forever to return your calls or texts

your crush is playing games with you

You know how the normal practice is to return a missed call immediately you see it or reply to a text?

Well, if your crush is playing games with you, she would take forever to return your calls. That is, if she bothers to call back.

As for your texts, she has better things to do than to hit a few words on her smartphone in reply. She’d only reply immediately if the message is very important. Like maybe you need her account number to send her money

In a situation like this, you find yourself having to call her again to ask why she didn’t call her back?

The excuses from her are typical.

  • She forgot
  • she didn’t see the missed call,
  • She thought it wasn’t important
  • She was too busy etc

After a while, the excuses, naturally, become stale. Only a fool would keep on asking why she never returned calls or texts.

3. She only calls or texts when she needs a favor

your crush is playing games with you

Some dudes would find it hard to believe that there are girls out there who only call a guy when they need a favor. And surprisingly, there are men who put up that.

If you find yourself in that boat, hurriedly put on a life jacket and dive out.

Your crush has already boxed you into the sort of guy she only contacts when she needs something. Stop helping her out in the vain hope she might change.

How long would it take before you to realize this crush is playing games with you and the relationship would never move on to the level you desire?

4. Plans or dates mean nothing to her

your crush is playing games with you

This is one of the clear-as-water signs your crush is playing games with you.

She’d sound excited when both of you are making arrangements for a date or an engagement. She’d appear completely sold on the plan.

Then without warning, she’d cancel. What would rankle you deeply is, she won’t even be nice enough to give you a call to inform you.

You would be stood up several times with a crush playing games with you. Of course, you would get the usual excuses when you call to inquire why she didn’t make it.

5. Her girlfriends always come first

your crush is playing games with you

Because she is playing games with you, your position on her list of priorities is way down the scale.

Even her girlfriends would be above you on that list. So for her, it would be absolutely normal to cancel an appointment to go hang out with her friends.

It doesn’t matter how deeply important that appointment is. While you are pining away for her, she is probably having a joke at your expense with her friends

6. To others, you are just a friend

your crush is playing games with you

Can it get any worse than that after being with a girl for a long time?

The facts are simple enough: she knows how you feel about her.

You even let other people understand you have strong feelings for her. But she balks at the idea of ever introducing her as anything more than a friend.

And that is how she would always refer to you when you meet her friends, ‘He is just a friend‘ with an emphasis on ‘just‘.

7. She needs time to think

your crush is playing games with you

When you put her on the spot and ask her to be straight with you, she’d ask for more time to think.

At the same though, she’d act a bit interested so you won’t ditch her. The best thing to do: give her all the time and simply walk away.

So does your crush tick all these boxes? Remember, time is precious, the best thing to do is jump out of your infatuation. Because trying harder to change her attitude would only massage her ego.

And because the ego is at the center of it all, stopping is not an option for her. She needs the feeling of importance treating you that way gives her.

It just like drug addicts needing their fix constantly.

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  1. I met this online girl on facebook dating & got her phone number. We both hitted off, we have a lot in common & this morning at around 11 a.m., she stops texting me of all sudden. Yesterday I call her & it went straight to voicemail, I hit her up on messager & she’s ignoring me on there too. I feel like I’ve wasted my time with her, she claims she’s real. The only thing I want is a serious long-term relationship & nothing else. Can someone tell what should I do about the situation with this girl?

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