She Flirts With Me But I’m Confused Because Of My Finding; What Should I Do?

She Flirts With Me But I’m Confused Because Of My Finding; What Should I Do?

If you find yourself in this kind of situation where you meet a girl that give you the green light to go ahead and flirt with her but aren’t available for your taken, then you need to learn something important that will save you from unnecessary headache.

One of my online friends wanted to know what to do with a lady that flirts with him but in his finding, the pretty lady has been taken by another boyfriend.

Here is his question and my best answer I can give to anyone in a situation like this

She Flirts With Me But I’m Confused Because Of My FindingMy friend Charley;

I met a girl in my former working place and we get talking, I flirted with her during her break period when I visit my guys in that office and I got her number without any stress. [Read; Body Language 101; Using Eyes Contact to Flirt With Anyone]

But in my finding, I discover that she has a boyfriend she’s been dating for about 10 months. My mind is always on her and I find it difficult not to see her as my girlfriend but I know she still goes home to meet her boyfriend at night.

My mind is telling me to leave her, but I can’t help myself because I always think about her and I want to see it to the end and see how things go, I want to give her an ultimatum to decide if she’ll be my girlfriend.

What is your advice for my Tony?

Here’s my advice to him and to all who are in this type of situation.

There are 2 ways to look at situation like this; the first is you need to use your common sense here and understand the fact that she has been taken, she has a boyfriend. Though you get the confidence to follow her up and see the possibility of turning her to be your girlfriend, which I admire but I don’t really recommend you go after someone you know that has already been taken. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND.

If you succeed in making her drop the other guy and be your girlfriend, things may not turn out well especially if the other guy lives around, you know what that mean. I don’t think you need that and nobody needs it.

Secondly, think about it, if she could flirt with you to that extent while she still has a boyfriend elsewhere and or possibly drop him for you. Don’t you think down the line, she’ll be willing to do the same thing with other guys that she find interesting just as the way she found you. She’s possibly going to drop you too and go with the new guy. I’m sure, that’ll not be funny to you at all.

Except you’re just looking for someone to date and have some fun without any emotional involvement, your time and the effort you’ll use in pursuing her would be much spent on searching and meeting other available woman that’s of high quality.

I can be sure, you’ll be glad you’re able to invest your time on the high quality available woman than the unavailable ones.

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