7 Reasons Girls Love Playing Hard To Get

So you’ve done all you can to get a single date with this hot girl? So far, she hasn’t given you a sniff of a chance yet. This is a classic case of playing hard to get, a very common theme in the dating scene.

girls love playing hard get

It is kind of funny in some cases. Because it’s sometimes not so clear cut that a girl is playing hard to get or she is not just into you. The question for us dudes is how to know the difference.

Knowing that difference could be the one thing that could save you from a lot of grief. Besides, it would stop you from pursuing a lost cause if she isn’t into you, wouldn’t it?

That is why I always say dating or trying to date a girl you like is a shot in the dark. There are so many things that can predispose her into not wanting to date you.

But hey, this one of the few times that ignorance plays in your favor. That is what makes dating a new girl so exciting. Anything can happen. Nothing is a given.

However, though, we are talking about when all the signs look positive; when you think and believe the girl is interested. But at the same time, she is playing hard to get.

Maybe understanding why she is that way can help you in accepting the situation graciously. Which is another way of saying just stay the course and refrain from being unnecessary bitter

Reasons girls love playing hard to get

1. She has been previously hurt or tricked

girls love playing hard get

There are times I feel like taking a whip to the backside of some jerks. Their actions with ladies give the rest of us a bad reputation.

Some girls would play hard to get with you because a man she trusted in the past hurt her very badly. How many times have you heard girls complaining that all men are good at using and dumping a girl?

I am sure you’ve heard that countless times.

That broad generalization, though wrong, is coming from a place of deep hurt, disappointment, and betrayal. You shouldn’t blame some girls for feeling that way.

So in a bid to avoid being hurt and tricked, playing hard to get is the best option for these girls. They need that time to study you and know the sort of dude you are.

2. It is a form of protection

girls love playing hard get

In this case, playing hard to get is the only means the girls know they can use to protect themselves from getting hurt.

Girls with that mindset have the tendency to give everything to the man they are having an affair with. They don’t fall easily. But when they do, they give everything.

And because they give everything to nurture a relationship, they get profoundly hurt when a guy betrays that commitment from them. They know how much it hurts. And they don’t want to repeat that again.

So what better way to do that than playing hard to get. As a man, your watchword with girls like that is patience.

3. There are benefits for the girl

girls love playing hard get

Believe this, playing hard to get can be beneficial to the girl.

It works this way; making it difficult for you to get her can help her ascertain how serious you are. And following close on that is to test your confidence.

Confidence in a man is a big turn on for many girls. Staying the course would tell her emphatically that you are a confident guy. Or that when you desire something, you won’t allow little things stop you.

Then show her that you are a confident and take charge man. Women love men like that.

4. Too obvious about what you want

girls love playing hard get

Many books or counseling about how to get a girl you really want would always tell you to avoid getting too obvious about what you want.

If a girl is playing hard to get, perhaps it just might be time to tweak your approach. Are you too direct and obvious about what you want? Are you hoping that you’d get an easy fling with her?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then you should change your approach. Don’t deceive yourself that your honesty would get you what you want.

An approach like that would make her think you believe she is cheap. The result is that she would give you a hard time to make sure you understand she is anything but cheap.

5. She is fed up with guy’s pick-up moves

girls love playing hard get

You would be one lucky fellow if the girl came out and told you she is tired of how guys approach her.

In that case, you know at you have to do. Simply become creative in the ways you approach her. I must confess that creativity is one thing many dudes lack.

We keep repeating old pick-up lines and strategies. They become boring after a while.

And the girl too might find your attempts at chatting her up boring and uninspiring. So she ignores you. Which can easily be interpreted as playing hard to get right?

6. She loves the thrill of the chase

girls love playing hard get

Some girls just love being chased by a man. To them, the whole thing is a game and she would love to see how you can outsmart her.

She would introduce as many obstacles as possible in your path to see how you overcome them. Only a man willing and able to play the game with her can overcome her.

If you seriously lack a sense of humor, stay away from girls like this. Their playing hard to get would simply frustrate the life out of you.

7. It is a way of covering her insecurity

girls love playing hard get

Beautiful girls can be very scary to us. It is normal for men to put beautiful agirl on a pedestal and give her qualities she has no inkling she possessed.

Deep down though, many girls are insecure about their beauty and how they look generally. If only we knew. Even after reading this, it would be hard for you to believe that that awesome girl cat walking away from you is beset by insecurities

So playing hard to get is her way to boost her confidence, ego and cloak her insecurity.

The attention you give her would affect her psyche in a good way. And the only way to sustain that attention is to make things hard for the guy.

And for some guys, the harder she plays hard to get, the more effort they invest into wooing her. The end result is the girl feels like a queen.

So if you find yourself entangled with a girl playing hard to get, don’t allow your desperation get the better of you. Put yourself in her shoes; understand where she is coming from.

That way, even if you never date her, that feeling of hurt won’t be too much to deal with.

Please share with us your experience of relating with girls who played hard to get. How did you overcome? Was the affair worth it after all you went through? Use the comments section below.

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