4 Signs That Little Phone is Killing Your Relationship

After yesterday’s piece, it just felt right that a follow-up piece on how that phone is killing your relationship is in order. I know some people read the ‘pphubbing’ article and swore under their breadth that something like that is alien in their world.

Meanwhile, they constantly have their smartphones with them.

phone is killing your relationship

By the way, I tried to use the word ‘pphubbing’ in a sentence. It came out all wrong and strange. Maybe it’s simply down to the fact that it is a new word. But I suspect it has more to do with the fact the word is rather ugly.

These researchers should spend more time into coming up with better and cuter words to encapsulate our bad dating habits or relationship flaws. This is important since we are talking words that could become part of popular culture.

To the business of the day: how the phone is killing your relationship. I think dispensing with long explanations of how phone is killing your relationship to showing the signs or symptoms of how it happens is a lot better.

That way, you can actually relate to the problem. And better still, you can set yourself on the part to nipping the problem before it reaches the point where you say, ‘The paste is already out of the tube. It’s too late.’

Signs that your Phone is killing your Relationship

The phone is your master

phone is killing your relationshipIf the first thing you do when you wake up from your lovely night rest is to stretch your arm and reach for your phone, then your are likely addicted to it.

It is also fair to assume that the phone was the last thing you saw before drifting off to sleep the previous night. The medical people should coin a term for it. I am not saying the problem requires you see a doctor though.

But this is some serious social disorder. Other signs of this disorder include

  • You rush to answer any time it rings or beeps, interrupting whatever you are doing
  • You carry it everywhere even to places where it is rude to have phones like a place of worship
  • You have a backup power pack
  • You ignore others

Since we are talking about how a tiny phone is killing your relationship, look to your partner and see if they have this faraway look on their faces while hanging out with you. They do? Maybe it is because they know you have more interest in your phone.

Most of your time is now spend either on your tiny phone or that big one that has the funny name of tablet.

You talk less and find it difficult to concentrate

phone is killing your relationshipYou might not know it, but the fact is, a fly on the wall must be bored watching how the only time you show any enthusiasm for conversation is when you have to show your partner something interesting on the phone.

You also don’t notice the fact that your partner has to keep repeating themselves to get a message across to you. You are too busy in your affair with the phone. In my book, that should be classified as a form of cheating.

Ask the people around you

First of all, ask your partner if you spent too much time on the phone. If the answer is yes, then the phone has been slowly killing your relationship.

You can get a second opinion if you think your partner has a knack to blow things beyond their normal proportions. Chances are, friends and family would also tell you the same thing.

Your phone habits

phone is killing your relationshipThere are so many apparently innocuous things you do with the phone to kill your relationship. For instance,

  1. deleting texts messages right in of front them immediately after reading them
  2. hanging up when they enter the room or approach you
  3. conversely, going out to answer certain calls
  4. locking your phone with a complicated password and
  5. always afraid to leave the phone alone with your partner in the apartment

If you read this with a sinking feeling in your heart or a wry smile on your face, it is because you saw yourself being described. Or your partner’s annoying behavior was laid down right before your eyes.

Now that your know that tiny phone is killing your relationship, what do you intend to do about it? It is not enough to recognize the problem, steps must be taken to resolve them. Unless you are in a situation where you just don’t care anymore about the relationship.

In which case, it’s high time you walk out. Everybody deserves to be happy.

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