I Am In A Relationship But I Don’t Feel Fulfilled. 8 Selfish Reasons People Start A Relationship

Relationships exist today due to so many reasons and factors. Some people are happy and fulfilled in their relationships while some are not. When you really think about it, why do people start relationships?

Some feel fulfilled while others don’t feel the same way and a lot of people have different tales to tell on what their experiences have been like in the relationship game.

Why go into a relationship if you know nothing good will come out of it? But I guess, some people do not really care about the end result of that relationship and this is why people selfishly begin relationships that apparently don’t make sense.

If you are single and hear that someone you know is in a relationship, there is this tendency for you to also wish you were in one.

The reasons people start a relationship are:

To join the bandwagon:

Some people start relationships simply because others are doing it. But one thing they fail to realise is that just because someone is doing something does not mean you should also emulate them.

Such people care about what people say about them and so they do so based on other people’s opinion about them.

They do not want to be seen as not being in a relationship, hence the reason for this action.

To stop being alone:

8 selfish reasons people start a relationship

This is one of the reasons people start a relationship. They fear they will be alone for too long and so they quickly attach themselves to someone so they won’t be alone.

To be on the receiving end:

8 selfish reasons people start a relationship

Some people begin a relationship with someone because of what they can get from that person.

They do not have the intention of adding value to the other person but only care about themselves.

They are not ready to give their all but are willing to accept whatever they can get.


At times it takes some people time to find the right person they can be in a relationship with and so when they get pressured by family, they may think of starting any relationship.

The reason they do this is to shut the mouths of people so they won’t be bothered about it.

Another reason is so they can impress other people around them.

Just for the fun of it:

This is also one of the reasons people start a relationship. They do this just so they can have fun.

They may not have true feelings of love for the other person but they are in the relationship to enjoy themselves as much as they can.

Such people may not even be stable in one relationship but may move from one relationship to the other.

To have someone to lean on:

8 selfish reasons people start a relationship

Some people cannot stay by themselves and so they tend to go into a relationship so they can have someone they can rely on.

Such people cannot make certain decisions by themselves and so they need to have someone who can give them good advice from time to time.

To build their self esteem:

When a person is not in a relationship and everyone around him or her seems to be in one, it can make one have low self esteem.

Such people then go into relationships so they can feel good with themselves and so others can respect them.

This is therefore one of the reasons people start a relationship.

To satisfy their emotional needs:

So many people feel empty emotionally and so to quench this thirst, they go into a relationship. They want someone who can care for them, love them, show them affection and make them feel on top of the world.

The relationship might not even have a future but as long as their immediate emotional needs are met, they are happy.

These are some reasons people start a relationship but of course, the list is endless. Now, ask yourself this: Why will you feel fulfilled if these are the reasons you are in your current relationship?

What are your views on this topic? What other reasons do you think people start relationships?

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