3 Steps To Better Your Relationship Through Empathy

3 Steps To Better Your Relationship Through Empathy

Some many relationships suffer simply because one partner ignores the other person perspective without any consideration. One partner is so caught up in his or her experience and makes it difficult to understand what the other person is actually going through.

If you’ve always wanted to assert your own opinion and hand out advice to your partner without appreciating his or her struggles, your relationship is going to be strained. However, you can improve your relationship with having the ability to have empathy for your partner.

3 Steps To Better Your Relationship Through Empathy There are 3 step to better your relationship through empathy which according to researcher Norma Feshbach. These three steps are needed to be truly empathic and they are;

  1. The ability to connect emotionally with your partner
  2. Ability to share your partner’s feelings and
  3. The ability to put yourself in your partner’s view or perspective.

You can always put these 3 steps to use in other to be empathic by increasing your emotional connectedness to your partner when you begin to see things the way your partner sees them, you take on their perspective, and when your partner’s feeling change, you need to recognize it and share in that feeling through your openness to work out the best way to understand the needs and want of each other.

Most times, your feeling is always connected to your emotion, so as you begin to think in the way of your partner’s perspective, it give you an opportunity to see things the way its look like in your partner’s view.

It is only when you understand how someone feels that you’ll be able to convince them, being that you understand how people attach their emotion to certain feeling and how they can disengage the feeling with their emotion in that instance and see why they need to take on the other side of their view.

So, as you take a look at your partner, allow yourself to genuinely shift your consciousness to their experience, away from your own thinking about your partner. If you’re not getting it, ask for clarification so that you can actually realign yourself with your partner’s experience.

When you put these 3 step into use in other to be empathic in your relationship, you’ll find out that you’re connecting more deeply with your partner and you can be sure of feeling more fulfil in your relationship.

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