How To Cope With The End A Relationship

How To Cope With The End A Relationship

Break ups can be hard to recover from, your self confidence can take a dive and it is sometimes hard to pick yourself back up from that. So here are some tips on how to get over a relationship break up:-

How To Cope With The End A Relationship1. Talk to your friends and family– confide in them, cry with them.  Tell them all the things that are troubling you, everyone will have their own advice as we have all been in the same situation and this is invaluable.  However I know it’s hard but try not to put too much burden on one person though as it can also be draining for them too, so try to see all of your friends and family and spend some quality time with each of them.

2. Do not contact your Ex – Sounds extreme, but if it is really over and you are looking to move on, then it’s time to cut the cord, for a little while at least.  A common mistake is to use your ex as a shoulder to cry on, this never works and can make things much more complicated.  For now it’s best to remove all contact with them until you feel in a better place, when you can make a decision if you still want them in your life as just a friend. But for now it’s time to rely on friends and family.

3. Jot it all down – Writing down how you feel can really help, it is a really nice outlet and lets you come to grips with your true feelings.  Writing a letter to yourself about your goals and aspirations in life, excluding love (for now) can also help, as you can see if any of these are achievable.  Trying to work towards these goals can be a good release and keep your mind busy while you recover from your relationship.

4. Remove the rose tinted glasses – It’s easy after coming out of a relationship to place your Ex up on a pedestal, like they could never do any wrong.  This is common, a lot of people experience this, your brain selecting all the best bits, and again it may help to write these feelings down as this can bring you back to the reality that they weren’t always perfect, no one is.

5. Exercise – Now you may not want to hear this but exercise really helps.  It has long been known that exercise keeps you healthy from heart disease and cancers etc but it also has a good effect on your mental health and is nature’s own anti depressant.  Cardio vascular exercise produces endorphins which gives you a natural high and make you feel good about yourself again.

Regular exercise has been proven to:

  • Combat anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Help reduce your stress levels
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Give you a good night’s sleep

And keep it up and you will have the body you have always wanted!

Author: Michael Sheppard

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